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Five priorities for winning with GenAI in wealth and asset management

Wealth and asset managers have the opportunity to reimagine their business models and transform their operations with GenAI.

12 Mar 2024 Mike Lee + 2

Top 10 resolutions for wealth and asset management success in 2024

Wealth and asset management firms should aim to be “the best versions of themselves” in what promises to be another challenging year. Read more.

23 Jan 2024 Gurdeep Batra + 4

Are you reframing the future of asset management or is it reframing you?

AI can help unlock the transformational change that asset managers need to remain relevant in a radically different future. Learn more.

23 Sep 2023 Gurdeep Batra + 3

How will wealth managers deliver personal service in a virtual world?

The 2023 EY Global Wealth Research Report imagines the next generation of hybrid engagement. How can wealth managers harness the potential benefits?

11 May 2023 Mike Lee + 3

How can today’s millennial investors drive tomorrow’s business growth? 

The 2023 EY Global Wealth Research shines a light on unique features of younger investors. How can wealth managers build trust with this vital group?

24 Apr 2023 Mike Lee + 3

How wealth managers can secure assets in flux

Learn how asset movement creates opportunities for wealth managers.

24 Apr 2023 Mike Lee + 3

How European financial firms can better manage volatility risk

For financial institutions (FIs), managing short and long-term volatility risks across strategy and operations will be key to their success. Read more.

01 Mar 2023 Tom Groom

Six ways asset managers can prepare for an uncertain future

Taking decisive steps to stand out and succeed in a fast-changing world. Learn more.

02 Feb 2023 Mike Lee + 2

Can resilience shape a shifting landscape?

Investors remain interested in alternative funds, and managers focus on their traditional strengths while responding to market opportunities. Read more.

15 Nov 2022 Natalie Jaros + 3

    2023 EY Global Wealth Research Report

    Take a more detailed look at the drivers putting money in motion, together with a range of potential strategic responses.

    Discover EY Nexus for Wealth and Asset Management

    A transformative solution that helps wealth and asset managers use a digitally enabled, scalable platform to design, develop and launch new products at the speed of opportunity.

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    Transforming a private bank for customer centricity and innovation

    EY teams helped a leading private bank blend a high-touch and high-tech visionary approach. Learn more in this case study.

    21 Jul 2023 Mike Lee + 2

    How a modern CRM platform can help transform a firm’s business model

    An end-to-end transformation of a wealth management company’s CRM platform is creating powerful tools to provide hyper-personalization.

    30 Jan 2023 Paul Kelly

    How data modernization can benefit advisors and clients

    Creating a modern data architecture has enabled a wealth manager to provide a consistent digital experience. Learn more in this case study.

    28 Sep 2022 Gurdeep Batra + 2

    How wealth managers transform service models efficiently

    EY helped a global wealth manager create innovative services and initiate a digital transformation to support its client-first ambition. Learn more.

    02 Jul 2021 Thierry Groues

    How standardization can build a platform for growth

    Across three continents, a leading asset manager bridged the gap by building a truly global operating model.

    01 Jul 2021 Thomas Arnold

    How transforming the front office can build a platform for growth

    EY teams helped a leading asset manager redesign its front-office operations, technology, and workflow.

    18 Jun 2021 Anil Kant

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