Long-term value

Long-term value is created by focusing on a broad set of stakeholders, with a distinct purpose in mind, to sustain a business for the long term.

Our latest thinking

How the National Cycling League disrupts road cycling

In this webcast, we discuss cycling’s newest branch, the National Cycling League in the US against the backdrop of the World Championships. Learn more.

10 Aug 2023 | 08:00 your local time

How the titans turned France yellow once more

In this webcast, we discuss all the details and insights from Tour de France this year. Learn more.

25 Jul 2023 | 08:00 your local time

How the hero cyclists battled it out at Giro d’Italia

In this webcast, we discuss the aftermath of the Giro d’Italia and cover the highlights of the race from Abruzzen to Rome. Learn more.

31 May 2023 | 08:00 your local time

What if the difference between adversity and advantage is a resilient board?

Boards must improve resilience to mitigate risk and gain a competitive advantage. Find out how.

26 Jul 2023 Sharon Sutherland + 2

EY Europe Attractiveness Survey

To thrive in a period of geopolitical, environmental and technological transformation, Europe needs to adapt to investors’ new requirements. Find out more.

21 Jun 2023 Julie Teigland + 2

How can old friends spark new opportunities?

Keeping in touch with former co-workers can open up a whole new world of possibilities. Find out more

12 May 2023 EY Global

How can Europe turn on the taps of foreign investment?

The post-COVID-19 recovery of foreign investment in Europe stalled following fresh shocks in 2022 — but flows could be set to increase in 2023. Find out more.

11 May 2023 Julie Teigland + 2

    How COVID-19 transformed consumer hearts and minds

    Join EY-Parthenon and guests on 1 December discussing changing consumer behaviors and the ongoing importance of sustainability.

    EY Value Realized 2023

    Read the report on our progress in building a better working world by creating long-term value for our people, clients and wider society.

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