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EY helps to unlock ambition in the next generation of family enterprise leaders through EY NextGen Academy and EY NextGen Network.

EY NextGen Academy

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EY Global Next Generation is a market leading program helping to unlock ambition in the next generation of family business leaders and professionals. Participants learn through the combined knowledge of top international business schools and universities, practical experience and advice from EY while also making valuable, life-long connections with peers and leading entrepreneurs from across the world.

EY Private Perspectives webcast – Replay available

Watch a panel of experts explore how raising new capital can be used to strengthen family enterprises and which intergenerational aspects come into play as business families transition to the next generation.  

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We transformed EY Global Next Generation 2020

We offered a series of virtual sessions to our EY NexGen Network in collaboration with the world‘s leading business schools. Read the insights of the first session here. 

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In unprecedented times such as these, it‘s never been more important to connect and find new ways to collaborate, both in business and in our personal lives. More than ever, the next generation of leaders are stepping up to drive change and innovation.

Our new series of virtual sessions have been specifically curated and made exclusively available for the members of the EY NextGen Network. Each session is designed to offer tailored content and insights in collaboration with three world-renowned business schools, support the professional trajectory as a next-gen decision maker, and provide the chance to rethink how to bring value to family, business and ownership.

Family Enterprise - Unlocking ambition for family-owned businesses 

As trusted advisors to some of the world's most entrepreneurial family enterprises, we have the experience, authority and know-how to help families unlock their ambition and grow from generation to generation.

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About the EY NextGen Academy 

Academy approach

To succeed for generations, family businesses need an entrepreneurial spirit that not only transfers core values and principles of ownership but also creates future opportunities to deliver true innovation, as well as financial and social value. In this framework, members of the next generation often find themselves seeking the right individual path in business and ownership succession.

We created the EY NextGen Academy more than 10 years ago to find strategies for these types of challenges. Over the past decade, we have welcomed participants from 70 countries.

Academy concept

With the EY NextGen Academy, we have established a range of unique and exclusive one-week training events that help the next generation to explore their potential and introduce them to the challenges of running a family business.

Program details

The EY NextGen Academy addresses the main issues involved in keeping entrepreneurship alive within a family business and helping it succeed for generations to come. The program is structured to support individual dimensions of success, whether the participants are looking to take on operational roles in their family business, engage in an ownership role or both.

  • First Program - Discover your potential

    Our First Program offers 18- to 22-year-olds in entrepreneurial business families the opportunity to discover their personal assets and interests, find out how to implement and complete a corporate initiative, and get an introduction into the special characteristics associated with their family businesses. They also have a chance to explore their strengths, weaknesses and business potential.

  • Advanced Program - Develop your talent

    Our Advanced Program offers 22- to 27-year-olds in family businesses the opportunity to build on their business acumen and entrepreneurial talents. In addition, they will acquire insights related to family business from an ownership perspective.

    Participants will have already acquired sound knowledge in their field of study and have been introduced to a professional working environment, so this program will give them the chance to recognize and apply practical options and global leading practices to their operation within their family business, outside of their family business, or both.

  • Excellence Program - Turn innovation into value

    Our Excellence Program offers 27- to 35-year-old family business leaders the opportunity to learn how to create value innovation while following sound governance. Participants will engage in open dialogue with exceptional entrepreneurs, benefit from the latest research and teaching excellence of academics, and share the practical experience of EY professionals.

    Through stimulating topics and in-depth discussions with peers and experts from around the world, they will address the quest for innovative approaches, personal vision creation and problem-solving strategies.

  • Board Professional Program – Lead by example

    The EY NextGen Academy Board Professional Program offers current and future family enterprise board members the chance to explore traditional governance topics while preparing for a future shaped by innovation and disruption. The program helps participants professionalize their approach to serving on boards, advising the management team and bringing value to ownership.

    Age group: 30-40+

Wavespace – Learning in an innovative environment

With 20 EY wavespace locations around the world, we are able to provide a collaborative and immersive experience proven to unlock creativity and enhance innovative thinking.

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Unlock your ambitions with EY Private

Ninety percent of EY clients are private, yielding experience that's practical and deep. Realize your ambitions with advisors to the ambitious. 



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About the EY NextGen Network

Stay connected and be at the foreground of change and innovation

#EYNextGen Network Benefits

After participating in an EY NextGen Academy, you’ll join a powerful network of accomplished young professionals with access to programs and special experiences that will build your knowledge, enhance your skills and challenge your thinking.

  • Access to an 850 member global community of your peers, with 70 nationalities represented
  • An invitation to participate in the exclusive EY NextGen Leaders program at the Strategic Growth Forum™, held in Palm Springs, California
  • Special pricing for NextGen Academy programs
  • An invitation to the EY NextGen reunion, the annual gathering of network members from around the world
  • The opportunity to be recognized for your achievements through the annual EY NextGen Awards
  • Access to EY knowledge and special reports on entrepreneurship and family business
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The EY NextGen Award

Recognizing entrepreneurial endeavors and achievements of the global next generation.

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