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EY professionals help organizations reduce risk, drive seamless experiences and accelerate business outcomes by combining business ingenuity, industry insights and deep technical experience with hyperconnected business applications from Microsoft. Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform.

What EY can do for you

Reduce risk, drive seamless experiences and accelerate outcomes

“Usual” keeps moving — fast. There is no more business as usual, and effective leaders continuously innovate to adapt their business models, elevate their customer experiences, and find new ways to leverage data and technology.

Hyperconnected, comprehensive business applications

The EY-Microsoft alliance addresses this breakneck pace of innovation and changing realities through a flexible approach that helps organizations reduce risk, accelerate business outcomes and create frictionless experiences for their employees and customers.

Combining industry insights with deep technical competencies in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform and generative AI innovations, EY professionals connect across the enterprise, while keeping humans at the center to help deliver exceptional experiences with exponential results.

EY teams can help transform front and back-office systems with a consistent and familiar user experience powered by Microsoft. This experience includes out-of-the-box capabilities that can be configured for unique business needs, ranging from sales through support and from purchasing through invoicing and supply chain management. All of these processes can then be automated, with AI assistants guiding the workforce along the way.

Business transformation

Here’s how EY teams drive business transformation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform:

  • AI-powered assistance across business functions
  • Personalized and AI-assisted sales engagement
  • Agent productivity with frictionless agent/customer experiences
  • Assistance with field service team optimization
  • Rapid foundation for Enterprise Resource Planning  to help deliver accelerated tax and finance transformation
  • Supply chain digitization for improved visibility and transparency
  • Business automation across digital and robotic process automation
  • Process identification, help in optimization and monitoring with process mining
  • Low-code development with an AI Copilot
  • Legacy system migrations and integrations
  • ESG and sustainability

Across the capabilities above, the EY and Microsoft alliance connects and streamlines businesses with EY services and solutions powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform technologies, including:

  • Dynamics 365 Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Field Service, Commerce and Fraud Protection
  • Dynamics 365 Finance, Project Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Power Platform including Power BI, Apps, Automate, Process Mining, Virtual Agents and Pages
  •  Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Copilot

EY teams guide the entire lifecycle of business transformation, leveraging diverse, highly integrated teams from strategists to designers and engineers, from risk to cyber, from tax to consulting. Putting humans at the center, deploying technology at speed and innovating at scale.  These initiatives form the core of our value creation approach, Transformation Realized™ and these principles are applied to EY  offerings and deployments around Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform technologies.

The EY-Microsoft Alliance

EY teams go beyond conventional technology consulting by assisting businesses  through their broad transformation journeys. Our credentials draw on decades of implementations, capabilities and technical certifications. EY teams  consistently help companies innovate and create a hyperconnected enterprise with Microsoft Business Applications solutions designed to streamline operations, access invaluable insights and swiftly adapt to ever-changing market conditions.

EY and Microsoft are committed to working together to help the world achieve more. The business ingenuity and industry experience of EY professionals, combined with Microsoft's cloud innovations, have created repeatable solutions that drive growth and market influence.

EY advanced specializations for Business Applications:

  • Finance
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Low-code Application Development
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Supply Chain




  • Microsoft 2023 Global Partner of the Year Global Advisory Services
  • Global Sustainability Changemaker
  • Global Cloud Native App Development
  • Digital Transformation & Success in
    Business Applications – India​
  • Dynamics 365 Finance - Global
  • Financial Service - Global
  • Intelligent Automation - Global
  • D365 Finance – United States
  • Financial Services – United States
  • Industrials and Manufacturing – United States
  • Country Partner of the Year – United States

Build a rapid foundation for ERP

Tax and finance transformation with EY services and solutions, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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