EY at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2024

In Cannes, we’re helping CMOs, marketers, designers and creative thinkers navigate change with value-driven, ethical and responsible AI.

Visit the EY Four Futures in Cannes

Immerse yourself in four drastically different futures, opening up fresh insights and viewpoints.

EY and Adobe: Overcoming hurdles in GenAI adoption

Launched in Cannes, a series of interviews with GenAI first-movers explores three adoption hurdles and how to overcome them.

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EY Four Futures in Cannes

A science-led, AI immersive experience shows how the future could evolve depending on the sustainability decisions we make today.

EY-hosted events at Goals House

Three events explore topics from GenAI to sustainability with industry marketing leaders, in partnership with Freuds.

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Creative impact unpacked: How do we rebrand ‘brand’?

See EY speakers like Karen Crum, EMEIA Brand Strategy Leader, give their view at Cannes Lions.

Our latest thinking

Harness the productivity potential of GenAI

Explore the likelihood of future substantial productivity gains from the use of generative AI across sectors. Learn more.

How GenAI changes the way CPG and retail operate — and consumers too

As generative AI for business takes-off so do generative AI business use cases for retail and CPG. But GenAI will change consumer behavior too. Learn more.

If you could meet tomorrow’s consumers today, what would you ask?

Using generative AI personas to bring to life tomorrow’s consumers today, we’re helping businesses shape preferable futures and stay relevant. Find out more.