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EY Commercial excellence supports organizations to create and implement customer-centric growth strategies and improve their marketing, sales and service operations. EY teams help you boost profitability and accelerate sustainable value creation through the right balance of people, technology and innovation.

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Your business challenge

As operating models and value chains evolve, customer expectations are on the rise. Marketing, sales and service operations often struggle to keep pace with new competitors and unexpected disruptors in the search for the next wave of sustainable growth. Challenged by selective customer spending, new revenue models, constrained growth and volatile costs, organizations are asking the following questions:

  • What does a strong growth strategy look like and how do I transition from quarterly revenues to long-term value?
  • How can we attain market leadership in terms of revenue and customers?
  • How can we improve our sales, marketing and service methods to better serve our customers?
  • How do we effectively leverage technology and data to drive commercial excellence (e.g., across marketing, sales and services functions)?
  • How can we transform the skills and capabilities of our marketing, sales or service functions?

Solution benefits

Commercial excellence helps organizations to reignite growth through improved sales productivity and increased marketing return on investment, while enhancing customer satisfaction and advocacy. Solution benefits include:

  • Improved employee satisfaction, engagement and inclusion
  • Enduring customer relationships that generate higher engagement and loyalty
  • Increased revenue and market share growth and significant cost reduction

Solution features and functionality

Why EY

EY teams’ approach focuses on three directives: humans at the center, technology at speed and innovation at scale. Our industry sector experience, next-generation digital tools and powerful partner ecosystem can help you reignite growth and profitability, creating sustainable value.

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