GenAI in private equity

EY can harness the transformational power of GenAI to help create value for better returns for PE firms and their portfolio companies.

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Client case studies

How a PE-backed insurer is transforming its digital contact center

A UK PE-backed insurer is pioneering the use of GenAI to enhance customer experience and journeys whilst streamlining costs. Learn more.

12 Jun 2024

How GenAI is empowering talent at a PE-backed consumer brand

By using GenAI to remove routine tasks, a global consumer brand is harnessing the creativity of its employees and utilizing their time better.

09 May 2024

Helping create exponential value

The rapid evolution of generative AI (GenAI) is a strategic opportunity for private equity (PE). EY professionals work with leading PE firms and their portfolio companies to make rapid, responsible and transformative use of this emerging technology at scale.

of PE firms expect AI to transform business operations.
of PE firms want to act now to maintain their advantage.
of PE portcos are already planning significant investment.

We bring the multidisciplinary skills, technology experience, business and sector insights, the people perspective and technologies needed to help create and capture tangible value from GenAI – delivered with the speed of execution that the uniquely fast-moving PE world demands.

Delivering transformative results

EY teams work with clients globally to identify the strategic disruptions that GenAI is creating.  We help firms make better, faster investment decisions and find productivity and efficiency gains across their business. We also support them in significantly increasing the value of their portfolio companies, focused on disrupting business models, growing revenue, reducing costs and improving productivity.

EY teams do this in ways that can help augment the potential of the people in a business and give leaders confidence they are making responsible use of GenAI, by creating the frameworks and governance needed to support rapid and responsible transformation.

We are recognized by our clients for translating ideas into pragmatic solutions and for execution that deliver results.

How EY can help you

EY teams can support PE firms across the full investment lifecycle by defining GenAI strategies, creating specific use cases, engineering solutions, and helping to drive their optimal and rapid implementation. We leverage our capabilities along with our partner ecosystem and alliances technologies to help deliver successful GenAI deployment.

Define strategies

Support PE firms and portfolio companies to define new strategies with the right business and operating models as well as technology architectures, so they can quickly implement leading GenAI use cases at a scale that delivers exponential value.

Prioritize use cases

Identify and prioritize specific GenAI use cases that can help drive investment decisions, improve productivity and efficiency across their business, and have a transformative impact on a portfolio company’s ability to execute its strategy, create value, and achieve its growth goals.

Quantify ROI

Define and quantify potential return on GenAI investment by creating clear and realistic business cases, using "value accelerator models" that show where, how and when a GenAI use case could deliver value and at what cost.

Define the foundations

Support the development of the governance, risk and control frameworks that enable profitable and responsible use of GenAI across the enterprise, including considerations for these frameworks to evolve as the organization’s use of GenAI evolves.

Engineer and implement solutions

Execute and enhance transformative GenAI uses cases, so the return on investment on these use cases can be achieved, inside extremely tight timescales.

Support people engagement

Help with engagement at board and leadership level, as well as change management throughout the organization.

PE insights

How GenAI is empowering talent at a PE-backed consumer brand

By using GenAI to remove routine tasks, a global consumer brand is harnessing the creativity of its employees and utilizing their time better.

How to get the most value from GenAI among portfolio companies

GenAI is transforming PE value creation and reshaping investment strategies to create strategic advantage. Learn more.

How GenAI is reshaping private equity investment strategy

A balanced approach to investment strategy is needed to defend against GenAI disruption while also driving portfolio performance. Learn more.

How to leverage generative AI to enhance private equity performance

GenAI strategy execution by PE firms must be informed by a combination of fast and smart moves. Learn more.

What’s next for tech

In this episode, the speakers discuss investing in the tech space. Learn more.

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    Industry insights

    How CEOs juggle transformation priorities – the art of taking back control

    EY CEO survey highlights how CEOs consider AI transformation, ESG and M&A to navigate between immediate profits and future sustainability aspirations. Read more.

    How GenAI changes the way CPG and retail operate — and consumers too

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    Five priorities for winning with GenAI in wealth and asset management

    Wealth and asset managers have the opportunity to reimagine their business models and transform their operations with GenAI.

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    How to build a foundation in AI to accelerate health transformation

    Using AI to speed health care transformation and add value will require executives to strategize current work and architect for the future. Learn more.

    How can AI unlock value for industrials?

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    Five “no regret” actions for TMT companies to unlock generative AI’s potential

    Learn how Technology, Media & Entertainment, and Telecom companies can create value with generative AI.

    Five generative AI initiatives leaders should pursue now

    Learn how to move beyond quick efficiency gains to a cohesive AI strategy that maximizes your growth potential in a fast-changing space.

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      Functional insights

      How will GenAI prompt a step change toward autonomous supply chains?

      GenAI is accelerating the rise of autonomous supply chains, but many are struggling with implementation. Learn how leading companies are pulling ahead.

      How can cybersecurity transform to accelerate value from AI?

      With AI adoption across business functions booming, CISOs can reposition cybersecurity from the “department of no” to accelerators of AI value. Learn more.

      The AI moment is now: how businesses can ready their workforce

      EY teams have learned a lot from advancing AI capabilities across the 150 countries in which the organization operates. Learn more.

      How supply chains benefit from using generative AI

      Early use cases of generative AI in supply chains prove its worth in delivering cost savings and a simplified user experience. Read more.

      How can AI help us accelerate the pace of change the world needs

      Realizing AI’s potential for sustainable value creation requires building confidence, taking a holistic approach and augmenting people. Learn more.

      How generative AI might help tax functions tackle challenges

      GenAI can automate tasks, summarize information and provide insights, but it needs a person’s input to optimize the technology. Learn more.

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