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Why supply chain disruption is still a concern for A&D companies

EY Aerospace & Defense Leaders Raman Ram and EY Americas A&D Managing Director Mike Cadenazzi discuss the state of the A&D industry. Learn more.

12m 22s

Why the future of A&D looks bright, even with some turbulence ahead

EY Aerospace & Defense leaders Raman Ram and Mike Cadenazzi discuss the state of the A&D industry. Learn more.

18m 53s

Three priorities for advanced manufacturing in 2022

EY Global Advanced Manufacturing analysts, Mohit Ahuja and Julie Rosenthal, share key updates from 3Q21 earnings calls. Learn more.

17m 11s

Future of Manufacturing

Discover EY's consumer technology insights, people & services and learn how they can help your business achieve operational efficiency for the future.

How can smart connected products change the way manufacturers operate?

Smart connected products offer industrial manufacturers new ways to generate revenue and cost efficiencies. Read more.

How can manufacturers place innovation at the heart of transformation?

Value-driven growth requires manufacturers to put innovation and digital strategies at the heart of transformation. Learn more.

How the airline industry is bracing for an uncertain recovery

Given the pandemic’s impact on air travel, airlines must address short-term challenges as well as longer-term scenarios. Learn more.

Next up: Stéphane Germain – protecting earth’s environment from space

EY Presents Next Up: Builders of a better working world. Learn more.

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