EY ifb Abacus360 Migration Guide in financial services

Abacus360 is now available and replaces ABACUS/DaVinci in the reporting systems of banks. With the Abacus360 Migration Guide, EY ifb offers a tool that ensures easy, fast and cost-efficient migration to the upgrade.

What EY can do for you

Abacus360 is successively replacing the regulatory reporting software ABACUS/DaVinci. The upgrade from software provider Regnology offers an optimized data model, as well as faster and more stable processing for the rapidly growing volume of data that the banking sector must handle.

In order meet future regulation and reporting requirements, it’s important for banks to act now and adjust to the planned schedule before the reporting modules ABACUS/DaVinci expire.

The migration requires three transformation steps:

  1. The technical migration to Abacus360 Version 7 with the introduction of spark technology.
  2. The migration of individual reporting modules from ABACUS/DaVinci embedded to Abacus360.
  3. The migration of interfaces to the new Abacus360 data model.

With our Abacus360 Migration Guide, EY ifb offers a comprehensive roadmap that turns the planning, control and implementation of the migration to Abacus360 Version 7 into a structured, calculable process. The guide also provides additional tools to optimize your entire reporting system.

The benefits of this approach are:

Standardized consulting modules

For each transformation step, the guide offers standardized process models based on our experience and best practices from successful a wide range of Abacus projects.

Acceleration effects and efficiency

The consulting modules in the guide act as project accelerators. They simplify planning and execution, and significantly reduce project runtimes, effort and costs.

Modular and flexible

The Abacus360 migration guide is a modular system. Depending on your organization’s needs, we select the appropriate building blocks for the project and adapt them to your situation.

Detailed optimization of the reporting system

With the core modules, we ensure the simplest, most cost-efficient migration, while enabling the optimization of your entire reporting system with additional modules.

Favorable prices and cost transparency

Thanks to standardized process models and our experience, we guarantee the migration meets your needs in the most cost-effective way possible.

EY ifb can draw on extensive experience in the banking and finance sectors, along with the implementation of Abacus360 in major transformation projects and have been a member of the Regnology Software Solutions Alliance Partner Program since 2017, helping organizations to implement Abacus360 more efficiently and to the highest standards.

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