EY ifb Packaged Solutions for financial organizations

EY ifb Packaged Solutions offers a much swifter, more cost-effective software implementation method, based on 30+ years of consulting expertise in financial services. In today’s rapidly evolving environment of regulatory change, new competitors and shifting customer needs, flexible information management systems for finance, risk and compliance are business critical.

What EY can do for you

Whether you are trying to improve reporting, merging or divesting business entities, or seeking ways to speed up adoption while reducing implementation costs, our Packaged Solutions help you re-engineer your financial and risk management systems swiftly and efficiently.

Our implementation project methodology REFRAMETM is based on experience and knowledge gained from transformation projects worldwide. Drawing on these insights, Packaged Solutions brings together financial services industry best practice in prebuilt deliverables with defined scopes and fixed costs.

EY ifb Packaged Solutions provide you a complete set of deliverables out of the box. These include business requirements, key design decisions, system configuration, test cases and test data automation as well as a systematic project management approach. Starting an implementation on this basis can significantly reduce timelines and the resources needed.

Our solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly into your system landscape. They work independently but can also be networked with each other, eliminating the need to align implementation teams and experts for different business functions and software applications.

We provide an integrated setup covering all business functions involved in the flow of finance data, and offer a number of subledger solutions, addressing a range of data assimilation needs. These include:

  1. Packaged Solution for IFRS 17 Accounting
    Meets your IFRS 17 accounting requirements with optional addition of multi-gaap accounting planning and simulations.

  2. Packaged Solution for IFRS 17 Reporting
    Complete IFRS 17 reporting solution via SAC, which is based on your FPSL implementation.

  3. Packaged Solution for SAP S/4HANA Finance
    Covers all major modules within the SAP S/4HANA suite (GL, AP/AR, AA, CO) and provides predefined content for the financial services industry.

  4. Packaged Solution for Financial Consolidation
    Significantly improves your closing processes and enables seamless integration with your general ledger SAP S/4HANA or any other GL/ERP platform.

  5. Packaged Solution for Flexible Financial Instruments Accounting
    Best practice content, a proven delivery approach and flexible pricing in a unique solution for the Financials Subledger.
Accelerated approach and seamless deployment of sap FPSL

Our Packaged Solutions unify best practices into one reliable, efficient implementation project with the following benefits:

  • Implementation and deployment require significantly less time and effort, reducing the impact on internal resources.
  • Project package is fully standardized, planned and organized – from kick-off to go-live.
  • Well-defined and described scope of solution can be delivered at fixed cost.
  • Core scenario delivers full implementation scope and our modular approach allows for optional extensions.
  • Application management services running the EY ifb Packaged Solution extend support beyond the implementation project phases leaving minimal impact on your organization.
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