EY ifb Packaged Solution for IFRS 17 reporting

EY ifb has developed a comprehensive reporting package for IFRS 17 compliance. Using our established REFRAMEᵀᴹ method, we offer a complete, pre-documented and pre-configured SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) solution covering all IFRS 17 reports and data interfaces which allows you to easily combine your accounting results and IFRS 17 disclosure requirements.

What EY can do for you

We are seeing companies evaluate and/or deploy custom silo solutions which are impacting their approach, accounting rules engine and project cost and duration. As a result, their IFRS 17 reporting roadmap is delayed. Our Packaged Solution for IFRS 17 Reporting mitigates the risk organizations face when evaluating their IFRS 17 reporting roadmap.

Establishing IFRS 17 compliance in Financial Products Sub-ledger (FPSL) can overlook the extensive and detailed disclosure requirements needed for IFRS 17 calculations.

The EY ifb solution leverages data models prebuilt for your FPSL implementation, linking all information providers within our IFRS 17 reporting requirements library. Without an end point in sight, organizations often start from scratch with their requirements, which requires more efforts and creates delays. Our solution starts with an approach of “why not?” vs. “what do we need?”, significantly accelerating reporting deployment time at a predictable cost.

EY ifb Packaged Solution for IFRS 17 Reporting consists of a core offering with optional extensions. Within the scope of our core offering we provide an IFRS 17 reporting based on SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), integrating to FPSL and your general ledger. This includes setup, configuration, test support, go-live and one month of hypercare through our experienced professionals. It offers a seamless integration to EY ifb packaged solution for IFRS 17 accounting, helping you to efficiently achieve compliance.

Accelerated approach and seamless deployment of SAP FPSL for IFRS 17
  • Its modular structure can be extended to further simplify and enhance your reporting process. In this way, the solution can add value beyond IFRS 17 and leverage your SAC solution in other areas, for example our CFO dashboard tailored to industry needs.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Achieve IFRS 17 compliance faster. Based on best practices from executing advanced IFRS 17 projects, our solution comes with a set of pre-defined disclosure reports.
  • Integrate SAC reporting seamlessly into your system landscape, with underlying technical data integration models to the sub-ledger systems. Clearly defined interfaces for all other sources facilitate the integration of other subledgers into the reports.
  • Clear governance, guidance and a proven methodology with our REFRAMETM implementation approach.
  • Reduce your implementation timeline risk. EY team will refine best practice content hands-on, without the burden of conceptualization.

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