NextWave Financial Services: Financial Well-being

To succeed with tomorrow’s consumers, financial services must become a data-driven, differentiated and hyper-personalized experience.

NextWave insights

How can insurance protect customers who need it most?

An EY survey of insurance consumers reveals how the pandemic shifted financial well-being and prompted interest in new insurance protections. Read the findings.

Where will wealth take clients next?

Wealth managers must use deeper, richer insights to provide clients with more holistic, tailored, and meaningful experiences. Learn more.

22 Apr 2021 Nalika Nanayakkara + 3

Five questions about banking in today’s digital age, answered

EY’s banking leaders discuss how banks can best use their data to make financial products more engaging, to better serve their customers.

11 Mar 2021 Kathleen Calabro + 1

Why financial well-being should be integral to banks’ customer strategy

With FinTechs offering customers greater opportunity to manage their financial health, traditional banks should follow suit.

02 Nov 2020 Jan Bellens

    Our latest thinking

    Five actions to implement behavioral economics in financial services

    Behavioral economics has a place in many industries, especially financial services, where employing BE has great potential. Learn why.

    21 Jun 2021 EY-Global EY-Global

    How digitalization can drive personalization in wealth management

    Digitization is changing wealth relationships, but clients’ willingness to share data holds the key to ensuring that technology enhances personalization. Learn more.

    22 Apr 2021 Nalika Nanayakkara + 3

    How to connect diverse experiences across wealth

    The services clients need and value are changing fast. Can wealth providers adapt to a very different future? Learn more.

    22 Apr 2021 Nalika Nanayakkara + 3

    Why digital, ecosystem-enabled banking transformation is the way forward

    Banks need to act to improve revenues and profitability, enhance customer experience and secure a bold strategic positioning in the market.

    16 Apr 2021 Filippo Mastropietro

    Will financial services build ecosystems, or just be a participant?

    As digital ecosystems redefine the global marketplace, financial institutions must decide what role they will play, or risk losing relevance fast.

    10 Dec 2020 Christopher Schmitz + 1

    How the world’s first behavioral bank is focusing on customer needs

    Improving customers’ financial health required a bold, new approach to building the world’s first behavioral bank.

    16 Sep 2019 Jay Pather