Richard Watson
Cyber threats are camouflaged, hidden in plain sight. Organizations discuss cybersecurity in their boardrooms, often making huge investments, yet it is not always clear which problem they’re solving.

Richard J. Watson

EY Asia-Pacific Cybersecurity Risk Advisory Leader

Cybersecurity leader in the EY Asia-Pacific region. Public speaker. Trusted advisor on cyber risk and digital trust. Golfer, traveler and dad.

A recognized cybersecurity executive with a career spanning more than two decades in the UK, Middle East and Asia-Pacific, Richard is the EY Cybersecurity Leader in the Asia-Pacific region. He focuses on helping clients understand and protect themselves from the risk of cyber incidents. His areas of experience include cyber risk assessment, technologies for monitoring and protecting against cyber attack and managing cyber incident response. 

Richard has worked in a number of industries, focusing on those that have significant intellectual property to protect, a significant risk of brand damage from a cyber attack or whose core operations require them to have large volumes of personal data.

Previously, Richard held leadership roles in the technology and aerospace and defense sectors. He earned a bachelor’ s degree in Accounting and Financial Analysis from University of Newcastle and has a Leading Professional Services Firms Diploma from Harvard Business School. 

How Richard is building a better working world

"In my work with EY clients, I help them understand the cyber risks they are facing and prioritize investments to improve their cybersecurity posture at a time they are undergoing huge digital transformation. This supports clients so they can better protect themselves and helps build a more trusted and secure working world."

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