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In today’s fast-paced world, C-suite and business leaders must truly be effective at driving value creation across their organization.

Geostrategy by Design

A new book from the EY Geostrategic Business Group and a professor from the ESG Initiative at the Wharton School, advises executives on how to manage geopolitical risks in the new era of globalization. 

Geostrategy design

Our latest strategy thinking

Geostrategic Analysis: April 2024 edition

Read our April 2024 Geostrategic Analysis for our take on geopolitical developments and the impact of these political risks on international business.

08 Apr 2024 Oliver Jones + 1

Prepare now for the new era of selective globalization

Exploring scenarios for the world in five years reveals divergent paths for geopolitics, economic policies and company strategies. Learn more.

27 Mar 2024 Jeff Wray + 3

Harness the productivity potential of GenAI

Explore the likelihood of future substantial productivity gains from the use of generative AI across sectors. Learn more.

22 Mar 2024 Lydia Boussour

Catalyze economic growth through capital investment in GenAI

Boost to global GDP growth from increased investment in GenAI R&D, infrastructure, software creation and company adoption will be significant. Learn more.

22 Mar 2024 Gregory Daco

Five generative AI initiatives leaders should pursue now

Learn how to move beyond quick efficiency gains to a cohesive AI strategy that maximizes your growth potential in a fast-changing space.

05 Oct 2023 Jeff Wray + 2

Five ways private equity can unlock the power of pricing

Read our latest EY-Parthenon B2B Pricing article highlighting the role of pricing capabilities in maximizing value.

29 Aug 2023 Malik Ajani Jr + 2

Why a level head is needed to deal with geopolitical risk

Understanding your company’s political risk profile is necessary to set global strategy. It’s time to shore up any gaps in political risk exposure. Learn more.

23 Aug 2023 Courtney Rickert McCaffrey + 1

How alternative proteins are reshaping meat industries

Discover how alternative proteins are reshaping dairy and meat industries.

14 Mar 2023 Brenda Maeder + 2

How PE CFOs create value through all five stages of the investment lifecycle

Private equity CFOs are central to every stage of the investment lifecycle, setting priorities and spotting opportunities to maximize exit value.

01 May 2021 Lukas Hoebarth + 4

    Watch: CEO of Ouronyx on transforming people power into strategic advantage

    “Strategy without people will never come to life.” Learn how CEO Ida Banek empowers employees.

    General strategy insights

    How will the shifting world order affect your global strategy?

    A multipolar world is emerging, requiring a strategic approach to managing political risk. CEOs must understand fundamental geostrategic shifts to plan for the future. Learn more.

    22 Aug 2023 Oliver Jones + 2

    How to create value in an evolving business environment

    Executives who can strike a balance between long and short-term thinking are able to make better decisions and create effective strategies.

    28 Feb 2023 Jeff Wray

    How will the metaverse change our behavior as it reshapes experiences?

    The potential impacts of the metaverse on human behavior are yet unknown, but behavioral economics can help us explore the possibilities. Find out more.

    How can your digital investment strategy reach higher returns?

    The 2022 Digital Investment Index reveals that companies struggle with digital strategy and measuring returns on their technology investments. Read more.

    05 Apr 2022 Joongshik Wang + 2

    How you can design and deliver a strategy fit for the real world

    CEOs need to make big changes, fast, they need a strategy that works, a real-world strategy. Learn more.

    01 Dec 2021 Jeff Wray

      Sustainability strategy insights

      ESG and access to capital: Why insurers must stay focused on ratings

      As ESG funds continue to grow their assets under management, insurers with sub-par ESG scores risk losing a key source of capital.

      19 Dec 2022 Krisztina Bakor

      How your corporate strategy can deliver both growth and sustainability

      Beyond just increasing business value, CEOs must prove to stakeholders that they are delivering sustainably. Find out more

      18 Nov 2022 Andreas von Buchwaldt + 3

        Watch: CEO of Discovery Limited on balancing innovation with capital strength

        “A business works with deep conviction, great people, and the right capital base.” Learn from CEO Adrian Gore on how to grow.

        M&A strategy insights

        Three trends shaping portfolio moves in a red-hot M&A marke

        Learn how this red-hot deal market is the right time for you to use M&A and divestitures to support your long-term growth strategy.

        18 Oct 2021 Andrea Guerzoni + 2

        Nine steps to setting up an M&A integration program

        EY M&A integration methodology consists of crucial key steps to help enable value creation from transactions. Learn more.

        04 Sep 2021 Lukas Hoebarth + 1

        Nine essential qualities of an M&A integration leader

        Appointing an M&A integration leader with traits and skills to manage complex integrations will help realize the full value of a transaction. Learn more.

        04 Sep 2020 Lukas Hoebarth + 1

          How can you design and deliver a strategy fit for the real world?

          CEOs need to make big changes fast, and they need strategy that works in today’s real world.

          Education strategy insights

          How digital’s impact on higher education can be improved

          Higher education is not immune to digital disruption as it reaches across the university community.

          18 Oct 2022 Kasia Lundy + 1

          Are universities of the past still the future?

          EY is helping universities to prepare for a future higher education landscape that could look very different from that of today.

          24 Jan 2022 Catherine Friday

          How the right public-private partnerships in higher education provide value

          Institutions are struggling to provide a quality education while keeping up with the challenges of deferred maintenance.

          18 Jun 2021 Kasia Lundy + 1

          Why collaboration is key to the future of higher education

          No matter the size or health of a higher learning institution, certain strategies can make collaborations and partnerships more effective.

          18 Dec 2020 Kasia Lundy + 1

            Sector strategy insights

            How can smart connected products change the way manufacturers operate?

            Smart connected products offer industrial manufacturers new ways to generate revenue and cost efficiencies. Read more.

            11 Dec 2023 David Takeuchi + 3

            How CDMOs are leading innovation for pharmaceutical partners

            Discover how CDMO M&A trends show CDMOs are becoming emerging technology leaders for pharmaceutical partners.

            14 Jul 2022 Isabelle Heiber

            How construction companies can combine profitable growth with net zero

            Discover how construction companies can reach net zero by 2050, reducing emissions across the construction value chain while also growing profitably.

            28 Mar 2022 Axel Schäfer + 1

            How the tower sector is contributing to the European economy

            Independent TowerCos will continue to play a significant role, underpinning modern European digital economies for the long term. Learn more.

            17 Feb 2022 Olivier Wolf + 1

            Why genome editing technologies are creating buzz in medicine

            Technologies that allow genomic alteration are gaining in popularity, but they’ll need to overcome key hurdles to become mainstream. Learn more.

            05 Oct 2021 Isabelle Heiber + 1

            How the airline industry is bracing for an uncertain recovery

            Given the pandemic’s impact on air travel, airlines must address short-term challenges as well as longer-term scenarios. Learn more.

            20 May 2021 Andrew Wollaston + 6

            How to put purpose into action: five critical actions for insurers

            The scope and complexity of ESG necessitate a set of purpose-led and pragmatic actions by insurers, including defining metrics. Find out more.

            26 Apr 2021 + 1

            Have you reinvented strategy to see new opportunities tomorrow?

            In our uncertain world, business leaders need a new way of thinking about strategy. Read our report.

            23 Mar 2021 Yew-Poh Mak + 1

            How to help Europe’s small and independent hotel market succeed

            With small and medium-sized hotel accommodations facing increased competition, online travel agents might be a growth driver to this sector. Read our report.

            15 Mar 2021 EY Global

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