Revenue growth management

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EY revenue growth management consulting professionals can help consumer packaged goods companies maximize the “moments of influence” by optimizing retail pricing strategies, trade promotions and spend through AI-driven high impact analytics.

Your business challenge

Smart revenue growth management (RGM) is critical for leading a successful consumer packaged goods (CPG) business. But the art and science of persuading a retailer to sell the right mix of your products, in the right place, at the right price, with the right level of trade promotion, has never been more important – or more difficult.

Consumer products companies are asking:

  • As consumers evolve how they shop, push for better deals, cope with inflation and rising living costs, how do we best win their business – and secure their fragile loyalty?
  • As retailers become far more sophisticated, how can we deliver more value to them?
  • How can our company turn this time into an opportunity – in bold ways?
  • How can our business leverage rapid advances in data, analytics and technology to make better decisions that get our products in front of shoppers?
  • How can we best equip our salespeople to focus on the full range of consumer needs, rather than narrow, short-term goals?

Solutions benefits

Revenue growth management helps consumer packaged goods companies transform the way they grow revenue and improve margin.

Solution benefits include:

  • Increased sales, revenue and margins through improved AI-driven high impact analytics and insights that integrate commercial information currently siloed across the business.
  • Improved relationships with retailers, as a more equal partnership with CPG companies and retailers is fostered through the improved transparency into commercial analytics, putting consumer products company on a level playing field with retailers in negotiations.
  • Increased time spent by salesforce on value-adding work including retailer relationships, that helps drive higher revenue and margins, and reduce time spent on administrative work.

Solution features and functionality

Our revenue growth management solution drives unrivalled benefits for consumer packaged goods through advanced features supplemented by the skills, industry experience and commercial know-how needed to help you work in closer partnership with retailers to fulfill consumers’ needs and transform your revenue.

  • Comprehensive capabilities and support – from strategy formulation, via organizational transformation, to tactical execution.
  • Deep, global industry RGM experience, having worked in the roles and processes they are advising on. We emphasize and apply a pragmatic approach, working back from what will play best in the negotiating room with the retailer to facilitate the best outcomes for our consumer products clients.
  • Technology that decouples the data from the high-impact analytics it enables, allowing both to evolve independently – so the data can be used for other purposes like demand planning and financial forecasting, supporting the entire integrated business planning cycle.
  • Front-end user interface is intuitive and easy to use – having been designed by EY Seren, our global research and design consultancy, for use by practitioners focused on the front end of the business, including sales teams.
  • Leading experience in change management globally with our in depth understanding of CPG and revenue growth management to help create a tailored approach specifically geared to the unique needs of your company – incorporating communications, stakeholder engagement, business readiness, and training and learning – all to help sustain your revenue growth transformation.
  • Facilitation of CPG clients’ development of a Center of Excellence to help enable effective RGM execution across multiple markets, sharing not only technology but also skills, approaches, learnings and expertise – all of which drives improved sales and sustains long-term value for your company.

Why EY

Together, we can transform the way you grow revenue. We help enable the right products, right place, right time, right trade promotion – in ways you can sustain. This delivers more value for you, your retailers, and the end consumer.


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