Blockchains will do for networks of enterprises and business ecosystems what enterprise resource planning (ERP) did for the single company.

How can regulation help release the flow of blockchain innovation?

The 2024 event brought together some of the best minds from the blockchain community to share the latest insights and demos.

Looking out from the viewpoint at Kerr Dam in Polson, Montana.

Our latest thinking

How can blockchain fast-track business growth in Asia-Pacific?

In this webcast, experts discuss how blockchain fast-tracks business growth in Asia-Pacific. Sign up now to learn the key to transformational excellence.

How new technologies are changing the way we transact

Shuo Chen speaks at EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ about the future of money. Learn more.

How enterprises can prepare for the next stage of blockchain technology

Enterprises can now transact on public blockchains using privacy enabled applications. This is a game changer in the industry. Learn more.

How DAOs are impacting the evolution of ecosystem strategy

In this episode of Think Ecosystem podcast, we explore DAOs and their impact on collaboration, business strategy and the concept of partnering. Learn more.

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How APAC financial services leaders can accelerate tech transformation

APAC financial services are facing new challenges and opportunities for tech transformation. Discover what’s working and what’s holding organizations back.

How the energy sector can extract value from emissions data

Fueled by human collaboration and the latest technology, we helped one company find opportunity in sustainability. Learn more in this case study.

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    The team

    Paul Brody

    EY Global Blockchain Leader
    Leader of blockchain technology. Proficient in mobile technologies, business strategy and internet of things.
    Palo Alto, USA

    Avner Geifman

    Partner, Technology Consulting, Ernst & Young (Israel) Ltd
    Passionate about helping EY clients understand emerging and disruptive technologies.
    Tel Aviv, ISR

    Konstantin Nikolaev

    EY Global Blockchain Product Manager
    Blockchain innovator. Global decentralization advocate. Passionate musician and composer. A father of two and a husband of one.
    London, GBR

    Chen Zur

    EY Americas Digital, Emerging Technologies & Blockchain Leader, Technology Consulting
    Passionate about close client connections and truly understanding their business and objectives. Driver of growth and long-term impact.
    New York, USA

    Rajat Kapur

    EY Blockchain Sales Leader
    Leader of blockchain sales. Help clients build enterprise-scale blockchain application solutions that address complex business problems.
    Chicago, USA

    Craig Farrell

    EY Blockchain Analyzer Platform Owner
    Blockchain innovator. Concepting, developing and architecting solutions.
    London, GBR

    Giuseppe Perrone

    EY EMEIA Blockchain Leader; EY Italy Innovation Consulting Leader
    Seasoned blockchain leader in financial services, government and public sector, consumer products and retail, health care, transportation, and automotive. Passionate about innovation. Sports fan.

    Jeffrey Saviano

    EY Global Emerging Technology Strategy & Governance Leader
    Emerging technology for corporate boards and the C-suite. Better Innovation podcast host. TEDx Speaker. Husband and dad of three. Tennis player.
    Cambridge, USA

    HFS Horizon's report 2023

    EY named a Leader in the HFS Horizons Public Blockchain Services report

    Forrester Research

    Enterprise commitment to blockchain remains strong: Explore the shifting market perceptions of private and public blockchains

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