Photographic portrait of Mark Luquire
Cloud, platforms, and people are at the center of digital and business transformation. Evolving to a platform mindset is a game changer for business.

Mark Luquire

EY Global Client Technology Head of Platform Adoption

Energized about global collaboration and bridging innovation with unimaginable solutions. Technology transformation leader with a focus on innovation, scale and diversity of people.

Areas of focus Technology
Office Seattle, US

As the EY Global Client Technology Head of Platform Adoption, Mark leads the continuous cloud and platforms journey at EY.

With nearly 30 years of experience, Mark has built technology practices on the foundation of failing forward, challenging the status quo, and collaborating to greatly influence and innovate. Focused on Cloud Enablement and Transformation, Mark has worked to create industry award winning teams, such as the DevOps Practice along with past ventures such as a cloud startup.

The EY public cloud journey began when Mark joined EY. Mark has been responsible for the journey and transformation for EY to become one of the largest business users of cloud in the world.

Mark holds a Bachelors and Masters in Business Administration from DeVry & Keller Business School along with several industry technical certifications, allowing him to maintain a strong combination of business and technical acumen.

How Mark is building a better working world

Mark is an advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion in all areas. He is an active member of several LGBTQIA+ community organizations and an internal advocate across the EY Unity network. Mark is also a strong champion of empowering people through access to knowledge so they can challenge the status quo when needed.

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