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In a world more diverse and connected than ever, why work alone? Together, we can see opportunities where others don’t.

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In today’s world, there are complex challenges to be solved, created by the pace and scale of disruption. Advances in technology, an increased focus on social equity and geopolitical concerns, a new regulatory landscape, and the need to unlock value in the face of critical climate changes, are all issues that need to be considered and addressed.

Only bold ambitions and a commitment to accelerating transformation using technology and data will enable leaders to achieve unprecedented levels of growth, outrun competitors and achieve new sources of value creation, for the short and long term.

MWC Barcelona 2024 is one of the most influential, cross-industry, B2B technology events in the world, showcasing the latest and greatest innovations across six key themes: 5G and Beyond, Connecting Everything, Humanising AI, Manufacturing DX, Game Changers and Our Digital DNA.

We invite you to meet with EY professionals and our ecosystem partners at our booth to discuss these topics. Together we can reimagine what’s possible and realize new opportunities.

This year, EY introduces EY.ai – a unifying platform that combines our vast experience in strategy, transactions, transformation, risk, assurance and tax, with EY technology platforms, and leading-edge capabilities.  Learn how EY.ai builds confidence, helps create exponential value and augments potential. Navigate your AI journey at Ey.ai

Together, let’s discuss how we can reframe the future within technology-based ecosystems to build a more equitable society, and a more diverse and sustainable, better working world.

EY sessions on stage at MWC Barcelona 2024

Event Date and Time Session Information Location
MWC Panel: Will AI Be Unethical Like Humans? Monday, February 26, 14:30-15:00 CET

Beatriz Sanz Saiz

EY Global Consulting, Data and AI Leader

In a world where humans often grapple with ethical dilemmas, the question inevitably arises: Will AI mirror human imperfections? Join us for a thought-provoking discussion session as we delve into the complexities of AI ethics, decode the ethical challenges that need to be considered when building new AI applications. Our debate will examine the role of governments, multistakeholder groups, and academics in shaping the ethics principles that underpin AI’s evolutions, and explore the path to responsible, inclusive, ethical AI development. 

MWC Stage C

Welcome Speech for Diversity4Tech Cocktail Reception

Diversity4Tech Global Mobile “GLOMO” Award

Monday, February 26, 17:30 CET

Julie Teigland

EY EMEIA Area Managing Partner & Global Leader, Women. Fast Forward

The GLOMO awards recognize excellence and innovation in the mobile and tech industry across various categories. EY will deliver a short welcome speech, highlighting DE&I as a strategic imperative, and will present one award. 

MWC Stage C, Hall 6 Networking Lounge
Diversity4Tech Panel: Why diversity in tech is important Tuesday, February 27, 09:30-09:40 CET

Errol Gardner

EY Vice Chair- Consulting 

Join our opening session as we shed light on the significance of diversity within the technology industry. This session will explore the various reasons why diversity is crucial for the success and growth of the tech sector. We will discuss how diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences contribute to innovation, problem-solving, and creativity in technology development. The session will also address the challenges and barriers that hinder diversity in tech and propose strategies to promote inclusivity and equal opportunities. Attendees can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of diversity and learn practical steps to foster a more inclusive tech community. 

Debate Stage
Diversity4Tech Panel: How to build a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace Tuesday, February 27, 09:40-10:10 CET

Karyn Twaronite

EY Global Vice Chair – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness ​

Often going unnoticed, many individuals in underrepresented groups face unique challenges in the workplace. This session will delve into those experiences, perspectives, and the responses of these individuals when confronted with various workplace challenges such as bias, discrimination, and lack of representation. Through insightful discussions, the session will provide attendees with a deeper understanding of the impact these encounters have on underrepresented groups and how individuals navigate and overcome them. Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights, strategies, and best practices to create a more inclusive and supportive work environment for all employees, fostering diversity and promoting equal opportunities.

Debate Stage
MWC Panel: Is Open RAN Living Up To Its Interoperability Promise? Tuesday, February 27, 14:30-15:00 CET

Ludvic Baquie

EY US Future Network Now Leader

With the benefits of Open RAN being established over the last few years, now should be the ideal time for acceleration but challenges remain in its implementation. One of the main roadblocks being the complexity of managing a multivendor ecosystem; as one of the lauded wins of Open RAN has been reducing vendor lock-in, are we entering a phase of vendor-lock in 2.0, creating a new form of dependence on specific vendors? Or is the promised ‘openness’ and interoperability still a possibility?

Join us as we debate these pressing questions and explore strategies aimed at overcoming challenges with Open RAN deployment. 

MWC Stage C
MWC Panel: Unleashing the Potential of Neurodiverse Talent Tuesday, February 27, 16:30-17:00 CET

Karyn Twaronite

EY Global Vice Chair, Diversity, Equity & Inclusiveness

Diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) should not be seen as just another tick box exercise, in particular employers need to understand the benefits from the ambition and talent of non-neurotypical workers. Leading experts in this area will discuss ways of creating inclusive work environments that accommodates the diverse needs and abilities of neurodivergent individuals. They will talk about best practices for recruitment, onboarding, and supporting neurodiverse employees, as well as how embracing neurodiversity in the workplace and harnessing the unique strengths of individuals with neurodivergent conditions can have a positive impact on innovation, problem-solving, and overall team performance. 

MWC Stage C
Diversity4Tech Panel: The need and the role for DE&I champions, mentors and sponsors Wednesday, February 28, 10:10-10:30 CET

Hiren Shukla

EY Global Neurodiversity Leader

Decisions on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) advancements are not a one-person job, it takes a village to make a change! In this session, leaders in the arena will highlight the importance of individuals who actively support and advocate for DE&I initiatives within organizations, delving into the roles of DE&I champions, mentors, and sponsors and the critical role these individuals play in creating a more diverse and inclusive work environment. 

Debate Stage
MWC Panel: How is Generative AI Changing the Security Landscape? Wednesday, February 28, 14:30-15:00 CET

Sean Wessman

EY Americas Cyber Practice Leader

Alarm bells are ringing in cybersecurity circles and it’s thanks to the remarkable capability in text generation of Generative AI. New security challenges are emerging as cybercriminals continuously experiment with AI technologies to design never-seen-before malware to break into enterprises. The technology created to enhance our lives and business is now being exploited by malicious actors.

Join this session as we debate the emerging threats, vulnerabilities, and the AI-based solutions that are changing the security landscape and discuss how Generative AI, when coupled with human expertise, can effectively enable real-time countermeasures against cyber threats.

MWC Stage C
MWC Panel: Are we ready for Quantum Computing as a Service? Wednesday, February 28, 14:45-15:45 CET

Kristin Gilkes

EY Global Innovation Quantum Leader

Before Quantum-As-A-Service (QaaS) can be offered, we need to explore not only the advancements made in quantum computing technology, but also the challenges that still need to be addressed and visualize the potential of this as a service for businesses and organizations. In this session we will explore topics such as hardware development, software frameworks, and algorithmic advancements, providing insights into the progress made in these areas and how it can be utilized in the future. This session will raise many questions; is there an actual demand for this Quantum-As-A-Service, where and how could it help organizations and is there a readiness of the industry to offer this?

MWC Stage A
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EY.ai, a unifying platform

Bringing together multi-disciplinary experience with our leading-edge AI capabilities and a holistic ecosystem, it builds confidence, creates value, and augments people potential.


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