Trusted Intelligence

By managing data holistically across the enterprise, organizations can enable secure, trusted data sharing for greater business value.

Are you ready for the age of data centricity? 

Data is emerging as the strategic currency of the digital age. How can you unlock its value?


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Data-driven transformation is a top priority for organizations as they seek to gain faster, deeper insights and to use data to improve decision making and fuel technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI).

To provide an organization with secure, trusted data and enable data sharing to enhance business value, what’s needed is:

  • End-to-end data management focused on permissioned data sharing and value creation
  • Enterprise-wide data platform to improve quality and cost efficiency of data extraction, integration, storage, discovery and consumption services
  • Strong and streamlined data compliance to address the wide range of legal, regulatory, risk, security and ethical issues related to data
  • Centralized sourcing of external data to provide employees with access to trusted, high-quality data at speed and scale
  • Reusable data assets to exploit data potential and industrialize new products and services that incorporate AI and machine learning.

Done right, data-driven transformation can embed trust in a way that tangibly governs behaviors, processes, business models and outcomes as data moves through the organization. Here’s how it works:

With strong data governance and advanced data architectures, organizations will benefit from built-in trust and the ability to industrialize and scale as needed. With a holistic approach to trusted, permissioned data, the organization can create reusable data assets and services to enhance future value creation.