Restructuring and Turnaround

Disruption is relentless. Having the right strategy to restructure or turn around an organization can help turn adversity into opportunity.

Organizational disruption is not new, but in today’s environment it has grown more complex. From the COVID-19 pandemic, geopolitical uncertainty, cross-border trade restrictions, technology and supply chain disruption to customer channel changes, liquidity issues, legislation alterations and shareholder activism, organizations are facing an unprecedented array of urgent event-driven issues against a backdrop of increasing uncertainty. Organizations need to be resilient and agile in order to create, preserve and recover value.

Business restructuring — whether that be an operational turnaround or a financial restructuring — can be a vital tool in preserving value for a company and its stakeholders. From refinancing and cashflow improvements, to the divestment of assets and management of liabilities, there are a range of ways executives can maintain value in their organization.

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