EY Experience Trainee Program, Consulting

EY Experience Trainee Program in Consulting is offering exiting career paths at EY. Experience different teams, deep dive into different industries and learn what management consulting is all about. Meet our teams below!

Get ready to kickstart your Consulting career in our trainee program!

Get ready to kickstart your Consulting career in our trainee program!


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Partners in EY Consulting in Finland

Riku Piipari, Lead Partner, EY Consulting
Roope Hyöky, People Partner, EY Consulting
Eva Tuominen, Partner, EY Consulting
Kaisa Korri, Partner, EY Consulting
Niko Maranko, Partner, EY Consulting
Jukka Lauhia, Partner, EY Consulting

Greetings Students and possible future
EY Consultants!

At EY consulting we’ve always considered versatility and the ability to adapt to be key characteristics of our people. More now than ever are these characteristics important!​

In a world that has been under the turmoil of global pandemic and geopolitical situation, the winners are those who are able to change direction and pivot towards new growth areas. Megatrends of climate change, technology acceleration, demographic shift and rapid urbanization are forces that drive our clients to change in order to stay relevant.​

To help our clients navigate these changes, and to continue our growth, we are looking for multitalented ambitious individuals who have a passion for building a better working world. Our view is that we should build a future where the planet, society, our clients and our business are all able to win without compromising on any of these aspects.​

Are you ready to join our group of versatile professionals driven by need to change the future? If so, we are taking on new talent in the beginning of September 2023. ​

Yours truly,​
Riku, Roope, Eva, Kaisa, Niko and Jukka

EY Consulting – Technology Transformation and Data & Analytics Team

Image of Juha Kontio

Juha Kontio
Technology Transformation, EY Consulting
Helsinki, Finland

Technology IS the business agenda. Customers’ expectations for access to technology products and services are rapidly increasing and user-centric, mobile, agile and data-driven capabilities are table stakes for every organization. Companies must consider foundational technology transformation to adapt and compete. At the EY TT & D&A Teams' services enable our clients to ride the wave of digital transformation to stay up to speed with the changing business environment.​

The focus areas include​:

  • Data & Analytics - where we create intelligent organizations using data and advanced analytics. We implement information-driven strategies and systems that help grow, optimize and protect organizations. Our skills and competencies lie in Data Management and Strategy, Data Engineering and Architecture, Data Science and Information Analysis, and Robotics and Intelligent Automation.​

Technology Transformation

  • Technology Strategy acceleration -  where we help organizations think through their strategic issues and fully align technology to their overall purpose and business objectives. Our skills and competencies lie in Technology Strategy & Organization, Architecture, IT Business Operations, and IT sourcing and cloud.​
  • Tech Transformation Delivery – where we help organizations in complex program management and making sure their transformations don’t fail. Our skills and competencies lie in Delivery Strategies, Transformation Support and Operational Delivery, Software Selection and Procurement, and Project Portfolio Management and Tools

As a trainee in the EY TT and D&A teams, you will be supporting the team on many challenging engagements for large domestic and global clients across various industries. ​

  • With us you can develop your competencies in e.g. data engineering, data science, business and IT harmonization, and IT operations.​
  • You will gain experience from different technological solutions and work with seasoned project management professionals to develop your project management skills.​
  • Our experienced colleagues will share their experience with you and they will support you in harnessing your true potential.
  • Image of Camilo Fernandez Camilo Fernandez - From Australia to growing Data & Analytics capabilities in Finland

    Background and experience working at EY

    • I joined EY in January 2018 in Melbourne, Australia and I transferred to the Helsinki office in January 2020.
    • I started my studies in Nanotechnology Engineering and transitioned into Business Information Systems as I was looking for a more business-oriented education while keeping a technical component. I’m interested in emerging technologies and finding new applications for them that would enable us to generate deeper impact to our clients. At the moment, I’m especially interested in Graph Databases and its application for fraud detection and recommendation engines.
    • I’m passionate about working in teams that are diverse in both culture and experience which is why I like consulting. Additionally, my favourite aspect about working for EY is the quality of the colleagues that we have.
    • Through my career at EY I worked in in a variety of sectors, including Power & Utilities, Consumer Products & Retail, Pharmaceutical, Government & Public Sector, Construction, Health, Chemical, Media & Entertainment, and Financial Services.
    • Currently, we are rapidly growing the Data and Analytics capability in Finland, so I’m looking forward on developing the offering in this country as this is a challenge I haven’t faced before and that will take me away from my comfort zone.

    Example of a project I’ve been involved in recently:

    EY was selected as a partner to run a strategic workforce planning project for one of the largest banks in the southern hemisphere. I was in charge to create a data repository that would host multiple data sources (HR, Finance, surveys, social media), create models, and work with the executives to define the bank’s workforce of the future.

  • Image of Jussi Tahvanainen Jussi Tahvanainen - Project Management in large scale ERP implementations

    Background and experience working at EY

    • I joined EY in 2020 and have enjoyed the ride ever since! Being part of our consulting team feels like a good place to be.​
    • My studies in Lappeenranta University lasted from 2009 until 2017 and I didn't rush them since I was working full time almost the entire time. In Bachelor's degree my major was Finance and for Master's degree I changed it to Knowledge Management & Industrial Engineering. I am quite active as a person so rapidly changing study- & work environments are a must! ​
    • I am interested in understanding how to steer a large ship towards its destination without the need to know every single detail during the journey and that is why I am part of our Program Management Tribe or Client Side Transformation team.​
    • I am passionate about learning something new every day and getting to know my team better as the project is being delivered. I value my colleagues a lot and feel that we have an extraordinary team here at EY.​
    • Currently, we are trying to actively recruit and expand the size of our CST team and welcome all the applicants with open arms​.

    Example of a project I’ve been involved in recently:

    For the past 6 months I have been a part of global EMEIA team stationed in London. We are serving a client that operates in France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and North African countries with the aim to assist and guide in their large ERP implementation project. My role is being the area local application lead and responsibility to make sure we have bridged all the business processes that fall outside of the implemented ERP system.​

EY Consulting – Technology Solution Delivery

Image of Jekaterina Kuchareva

Jekaterina Kuchareva
Associate Partner
Technology Solution Delivery, EY Consulting
Helsinki, Finland


Our goal is to support clients as they initiate or undergo major transformation. We are a Business and Systems Integrator with a focus on value-driven SAP enabled transformation. ​

Our selected focus areas include:

  • ​SAP enabled transformation program and project management office​
  • Transformation program pre-design (identification of strategic capabilities) and business case definition​
  • ERP strategy definition​
  • Architecture definition and governance​
  • Solution development and integration, including data migration and data governance​
  • Quality assurance​
  • Organizational change management​
  • Value-driven tax and compliance design and implementation​
  • ERP control and security optimization​

As a trainee in the EY TSD team, you will be supporting the team in different phases of SAP enabled transformation programs for large domestic and global clients across various industries. You will acquire skills in the project and program management, business process design and optimization, definition of strategic capabilities, building and implementing SAP solutions which create value for client’s business and IT organization. 

  • Image of Emmi Räsänen Emmi Räsänen - What it's like to work with SAP transformations?

    Background and experience working at EY

    • I started as a consultant at EY in March 2018, prior to joining EY I worked in an IT company as a SAP consultant after graduating from Lappeenranta University of Technology. I studied Financial and Supply Chain Management, as well as Accounting. 
    • My career as a consultant at EY started by joining a global post-merger program where I worked with an international team and got to expand my knowledge about finance and IT processes.
    • Now after four years at EY, I’m working as a Manager in a finance transformation project combining the business and SAP knowledge I have gathered so far, and learning everyday more. I truly think that at EY you can grow as a professional and have great colleagues around you along the journey.

    Example of a project I’ve been involved in recently:

    Finance transformation project enabled client's overall digital strategy, reduces costs and increases agility through process harmonization & SAP S/4 HANA implementation. EY supports client in various roles within the project such as project management, solution design & implementation and change management.

    Read more about Emmi's journey at EY.

  • Image of Simo Virtanen Simo Virtanen​ - Get inspired by your client's success​

    Background and experience working at EY

    • I joined EY in the end of March 2021 to help build a better world by driving change in the domain of Finance. Coming from an IT company where I worked as an SAP Consultant and applying the knowledge that I've gathered in the University of Tampere, I should have some of the tools needed to make an impact.​
    • In the Technology Solution Delivery team I am working closely with clients to overcome complex challenges and constantly building up my skills to ask even better questions. In this team there are a wide range of shoes to try on and the best thing is that you will never settle with only one pair!​
    • During my first months at EY I witnessed a warm welcome to the team from my colleagues, continuously increasing responsibility in various interesting tasks and a thriving community of down-to-earth professionals. I feel that if you are a curious person with persistence to get things done, you will feel at home in EY's Consulting practice.​

    Example of a project I’ve been involved in recently:

    I joined a transformation project where I provided subject matter expertise in the SAP Finance domain and assisted with various project management tasks to ensure a successful delivery. 

EY Consulting – Cybersecurity Team

Image of Timo Valonen

Timo Valonen
Cybersecurity, EY Consulting
Helsinki, Finland

EY Cybersecurity consulting helps organizations to address the prevailing threats in cyber space and strengthen their cybersecurity capabilities and resilience and mitigate cyber risks. Our typical customers are the CIOs and Heads of Information and Cybersecurity in large and medium sized companies but occasionally also governmental actors rely on our help in cybersecurity related matters.

  • We also work in tight collaboration with our Nordic colleagues as we have clients with practices across Nordics and the globe. We have an advanced security center in our Oslo offices where we have concentrated our technical capabilities.

As a cybersecurity trainee, you will support in guiding our clients to structure their cybersecurity around the principles of protect, detect and react.

  • Your role includes e.g. collecting information and performing analysis to solve clients' business problems & and depending on your level of technical knowledge, role can even include ethical hacking and penetration testing.
  • Image of Timo Mähönen Timo Mähönen - Would you like to learn ethical hacking?

    Background and experience working at EY

    • I started as a consultant at EY in August 2015, after graduating with a Master’s degree in Communications Engineering from Tampere University of Technology and already couple of years fulltime experience in software consulting.
    • Already back then, I had strong interest in cyber security. I was especially interested in ethical hacking but lacked the overall view on cybersecurity and how it reflects to companies. This led me to apply to cybersecurity consulting to really learn this business.
    • Training of our people is in the focus at EY. I have attended numerous different trainings and been supported by EY, allowing me to gain various certifications including Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), and Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP), to name a few.

    Example of a project I’ve been involved in recently:

    Currently I am leading delivery of penetration tests, vulnerability and cyber security assessments in Cloud, Operational Technology, High Security and Enterprise environments. I have conducted projects related to most of our cybersecurity service offerings in various industries and countries.

EY Consulting – People Advisory Services Team

Image of Hannu Tyyskä

Hannu Tyyskä
People Advisory Services, EY Consulting
Helsinki, Finland

Do you change your people, or change the way your people work?

In the face of the disruptive forces changing the working world, organizations need to become much more adaptable to rapid change — and they need their people to be flexible and agile to match, at a time when it’s getting harder to source, manage, motivate and retain talent while controlling costs.

EY People Advisory Services professionals can help you effectively harness your people agenda as part of an integrated business strategy. This can translate into competitive advantage by helping you get the right people, with the right capabilities, in the right place, for the right cost, doing the right things.

As a trainee in EY’s People Advisory Services Team, you can develop your competencies in engagements where we provide HR operating model, HR process, HR IT, reward consulting, or mergers & acquisitions related advise for our clients. Your role includes e.g. collecting and reviewing information and performing analysis, preparing project deliverables and reports, supporting sales initiatives.


  • Image of Ida Laaksonen Ida Laaksonen - Working on HR M&A and rewarding projects

    Background and experience working at EY

    • I joined EY in August 2018 as a consultant after graduating University of Tampere with Master’s degree in Economics and Business Administration. During my studies in business law, I became interested in employment law related matters and I complemented my degree specializing in HR, management and accounting studies. Before joining EY I worked in HR experiencing the wide field of the people operations. 
    • In our Workforce Advisory (WFA) team I have been mostly part of rewarding and HR M&A projects. Our projects consist of various types of executive and employee remuneration reviews and benchmarks, short-term and long-term incentive plan designs and implementations as well as assistance in regulatory issues related to remuneration.
    • Working at EY and consulting is very interesting thanks to challenging projects where you will learn new skills and get to develop your knowledge not only in HR and remuneration but also in finance and strategy related matters. In our projects, we get to help our clients in various industries and sizes and need to understand their way of working. 

    Example of a project I’ve been involved in recently:

    We made a benchmark and an analysis of the current state of executive team's remuneration in a Finnish listed company. Based on our findings we also supported the client in designing new short-term and long-term incentive plans for the executive team and ensured the plan was well communicated to the participants.

  • Image of Samuli Sadeoja Samuli Sadeoja - Learning through various projects in Workforce Advisory Team

    Background and experience working at EY

    • I started at EY in February 2020 and prior to that I have worked in management consulting and in economic research. I have a Master’s degree in Economics from University of Helsinki.​
    • I have always been curious and eager to learn new things. As a consultant at EY, I feel I can fulfill this need, since every project is different and requires unique ways of solving client’s problems. EY also provides great learning opportunities and endless network of competent and supportive colleagues.​
    • At EY I have been working with various reward, HR M&A and HR transformation projects. In our team we are not only involved in people related matters, but also with strategy and sustainability for instance. Personally I find it inspiring to collaborate across different teams and people to help our clients with their challenges.​

    Example of a project I’ve been involved in recently:

    EY supported Finnish industrial company in designing of high-level HR strategy and HR Target operating model. The project contained stakeholder interviews, data analysis and series of workshops where we helped client transforming their HR function.​

EY Consulting – Enterprise Risk Team

Image of Juuso Saarnikko

Juuso Saarnikko
Senior Manager
Enterprise Risk, EY Consulting
Helsinki, Finland

EY Enterprise Risk Consulting Services helps Boards and CxOs to build agile and risk-aware organizations that make better decisions to achieve their strategic objectives. Organizations are also increasingly relying on Internal Audit (IA) to provide them with insights into diverse and emerging risks and create the foundation for trust.

As a trainee in EY’s Enterprise Risk Consulting services team, you will be supporting the team on many challenging engagements for large domestic and global clients across industries.

  • With us you can develop your competencies in e.g. risk management development, internal controls and value-driven internal audit.
  • We are continuously focusing more on data and technological solutions. We are already utilizing data-analytics in many of our engagements, and are increasingly utilizing other technical solutions that can support us in delivering value to our clients.
  • Image of Alexander Dollee Alexander Dollee - How to expand your network at EY?

    Background and experience working at EY

    • I started as a consultant at EY in February 2021. And I graduated with a master’s degree in Finance from the Vaasa University in 2019. Prior to EY I worked within a large European institution in their data forecasting division.
    • During my studies I had developed an interest towards management consulting, data analysis and Risk Management, which ultimately led me to apply to the risk consulting team.
    • Within EY I get the chance to expand my network both in the Nordics and Globally,
    • I get to work with interesting client projects from day one, giving me the chance to develop my skills and impact the business scene through both national and international projects. Through continuous development, I’ve had the chance to take on new challenges and been promoted recently to Senior Consultant.
    • Within my current team I focus on Internal Audit and Risk Data Analytics, focusing on process operating models and internal controls for various clients in Finland and globally. In addition, I perform deep-dive process audits and assist in the annual planning of Risk Management, Internal Controls, and Internal Audits for various organisations.

    Example of a project I’ve been involved in recently:

    EY provided Risk Management development support for a listed Finnish company. We helped the client to develop a new approach to conduct their Key risk assessment, as well as a short-term action plan for risk management development.

  • Image of Jeanette Barrantes Jeanette Barrantes - Learning through various projects in Enterprise Risk team

    Background and experience working at EY

    • I started working at EY in August 2018. At that point I was finalizing my Master’s thesis at Hanken School of Economics.
    • I had studied Commercial law as my major and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as minor during my Bachelor’s studies, and at Master level I studied Commercial law concentrating on Intellectual Property Law (IPL).
    • When I started working as a Consultant in the Enterprise Risk team I was impressed by the variety of projects I had the chance to work with. The team was very welcoming and provided excellent support for learning.
    • Now as a Senior Consultant, looking back at my experience so far, I feel lucky to have such an interesting and inspiring work. The work is challenging and you continuously learn new skills and increase your knowledge.

    Example of a project I’ve been involved in recently:

    Internal audit of the apartment sales process of an international construction company. EY assessed the control environment and the functionality and efficiency of the process. Tools, principles, instructions and operations models related to the process, as well as implementation of these in practice (3 individual apartment buildings), were assessed during the audit.

EY Consulting – Technology Risk Team

Image of Teemu Virtanen

Teemu Virtanen
Technology Risk, EY Consulting
Helsinki, Finland

At EY Technology Risk services we provide independent assurance and advice over diverse issues related to IT risks and controls.​ Our engagements focus on IT audit and assurance within external and internal audit and service organization control reporting (e.g. according to ISAE standards). ​

In addition we work with design and evaluation of internal controls (especially IT enabled) and assessment and/or evaluation of IT systems and the mitigation of IT-related business risks.​

As a trainee in EY’s Technology Risk team, you will be supporting the team in interesting and challenging assignments for large domestic and global clients across industries. With us you can develop your competencies in engagements where we provide IT assurance or IT control related advise for our clients.​

Your role includes e.g. collecting and reviewing information and performing analysis, supporting and participating in client interviews, workshops and meetings, preparing project deliverables and reports, supporting sales initiatives.

  • Image of Noora Hillebrand Noora Hillebrand - How to grow as a consultant within IT auditing?

    Background and experience working at EY

    • I started my career at EY in May 2014 while I still had a few courses to finish at the University of Vaasa. By June 2014 I graduated as M.Sc. Accounting and Auditing with Information System Science as my minor.
    • I wrote my master’s thesis on the usage of IT audit in the financial audits in Finnish Big 4 companies. Starting a position as a consultant in the IT risk and assurance team at EY was a perfect choice for me after graduating. I was interested to be able to use and deepen my knowledge on both IT auditing, risks and controls, business processes and the financial audit process.
    • During my eight years at EY, I have been given an opportunity to grow from an ambitious consultant to a responsible manager. I have attended and facilitated numerous trainings both in Finland and abroad.
    • Many of my engagements and several of the trainings that I have participated in are international. This has enabled me to build a network of highly skillful colleagues and also to familiarize with working in large international teams with various working methods. 

    Example of a project I’ve been involved in recently:

    • At the moment I am managing an IT audit for EY's financial audit client. The client is a large Finnish listed company and EY is auditing them for the first year. We have performed planning of the IT audit and through a series of interviews obtained an understanding of the client's IT processes related to IT systems relevant for the financial audit. Our next steps are to test general IT controls at the client and report any possible findings. 
  • Image of Matias Harinen Matias Harinen - My journey from Vaasa University to EY Helsinki office

    Background and experience working at EY

    • I started as a consultant at EY in March 2019, after graduating with a M.Sc. in accounting and minor in information systems from University of Vaasa. Before joining EY I had gathered technical experience from DNA Oyj, working at Process and Automation team, as well as a trainee in PwC.
    • In EY I have mostly been working with IT audits. I have performed IT audits for clients from various industries. I have been involved in all phases of the audit engagements: planning and organizing the audit, interviews with the client, evaluating and documenting the relevant processes and controls, and communicating the results to the key stakeholders.
    • I did not have much previous experience with IT audits, but with help of my colleagues and internal training programs I quickly grasped the main concept of the work. 

EY Consulting – Supply Chain & Operations Team

Image of Antti Meriluoto

Antti Meriluoto
Supply Chain & Operations, EY Consulting
Helsinki, Finland

As new markets open up and technology advances at a dramatic pace, the world of supply chain and operations is becoming increasingly complex. At the same time, clients understand just how vital effective, sustainable operational excellence is to their global success.

  • In our team we are building a better working world by transforming businesses through the power of people, technology and innovation. It's our ambition to become the world's leading transformation consultants.
  • Our services can be related to developing the strategies, planning and operations throughout the supply chain, and we also work together with our other consulting competencies by providing leading supply chain subject matter expertise, just to mention a few examples.

As a trainee, you will be working with the best team possible filled with seasoned professionals. Your role may include e.g. performing analysis to solve clients' business problems, hands-on coaching on the factory floor, preparing project deliverables and reports and supporting sales initiatives.

  • Image of Anette Nikola Anette Nikola - Flexible transition from university to consulting at EY

    Background and experience working at EY

    • I joined EY in November 2020 as an trainee in Supply Chain & Operations team. I was more than happy to join EY as I knew that I would have the chance to work with driven people who share similar interests.
    • I recently finished my studies in Information and Service Management at Aalto University School of Business. There my main focus was in Supply Chain Management and Business analytics. Working at EY has been flexible and I had the opportunity to finish my thesis and the remaining courses during my internship. 
    • Already during the very first days I had the chance to learn how to do supply chain analysis with best practices from EY and state-of-the art software. I find that the most important tool for an aspiring consultant is willingness to learn. EY provides a great place to develop yourself with a help from nice colleagues. 
    • Our team works with various different topics. I personally look forward to working with projects related to supply chain strategy, procurement transformation, network optimization and operations performance improvement. 

    Example of a project I’ve been involved in recently:

    EY helped a client to ramp-up a project management office for selected strategic projects. In this project I was creating the project management tools as well as the visual dashboard that showed the progress of the projects for the key stakeholders.

  • Image of Hannele And Hannele And - Creating new competencies across the team borders​

    Background and experience working at EY

    • I started my EY career in May 2021 as a senior consultant. Prior joining EY I have worked in industrial management consulting and in finance with a focus on bonus incentive development.​
    • I have a Master’s degree in Economics and various minor studies. During my studies I found it difficult to be interested in only few subjects and wanted to learn a bit of everything. This curiosity has definitely been an advantage later on with various cases, project types and industries that we work with as a consultants.​
    • The working environment in EY and especially in my team has been a positive experience so far. Everyone has been really welcoming and supportive during the first weeks and months.​
    • One of the best things so far has been the quick involvement to the project work. I have already got to use my expertise in different projects also outside my own team. ​

    Example of a project I’ve been involved in recently:

    EY helped a client to evaluate and validate the long-term strategic business and growth plan by conducting market research, stakeholder interviews and asset assessments. The report was one of the guiding elements in the decision making of the future actions. ​

EY Consulting – Business Transformation Team

Image of Matti Puttonen

Matti Puttonen
Business Transformation, EY Consulting
Helsinki, Finland

At the EY BT team our aim is to guide our clients on how to transform their business in response to changing market conditions and claim a position among the high performers in their industry.

  • We develop business strategies for companies and provide insights for business to make better decisions. We plan and execute operational improvement initiatives (Lean), digitalization initiatives and business model transformations. We also work with our clients in order to help them interact effectively with their customers through marketing, sales, merchandizing and customer service functions.

Within our team, you’ll have the chance to build a career as unique as you are, with the global scale, support and inclusiveness to become the best version of you. We’re counting on your unique voice and perspective to help us become even better, too.

  • As a trainee, you will be an integral part of our project teams in delivering value to our local and global clients in the field of business transformation. Among other things you will perform analysis, facilitate workshops and participate in our tender processes. 
  • Image of Roope Malmström Roope Malmström - Possibilities to work on diverse projects all over Europe

    Background and experience working at EY

    • I joined EY as a senior consultant in November 2019, right after finalizing my Master’s thesis in Aalto University School of Business. I majored in Information and Service Management during M.Sc. program and Business Technology during B.Sc.
    • Prior to joining EY, I worked at a global technology consulting company as a consultant. During those years, I wanted to shift closer to business and management consulting, as my studies had better prepared me for such career paths.
    • Being part of the Business Transformation team has offered the opportunity to see transformations in multiple different industries up close, such as Information Technology, Advanced manufacturing and Power & Utilities, with some of the projects offering the option to travel in Nordics.

    Example of a project I’ve been involved in recently:

    A global process transformation project for a global Information Technology company in London. A global Finance transformation project for an Advanced Manufacturing company in Gothenburg. An assignment to support a Nordic Power & Utilities company in setting up their Consulting Services team by taking the role of an Improvement Lead and heading improvement initiatives in various business areas. 

  • Image of Jonathan Strömberg Jonathan Strömberg - Consulting is about improving, learning and communicating​

    Background and experience working at EY

    • I joined EY as a consultant in January 2021 after graduating from the University of Oulu Business School with a Master’s in Economics. ​
    • I had lived abroad and worked in the retail and pension industries before, and I knew I wanted to work in an international setting and to constantly learn something new. Consulting has certainly delivered, and you are encouraged to voice your interests regarding what you would like do and learn.​
    • In the Business Transformation team we get to see several industries and from different perspectives, and I am excited to have gotten to work with both internal and external sustainability projects too.​

    Example of a project I’ve been involved in recently:

    A European Financial Services company wanted to gain insight on competing offerings in the Nordics to support their decision-making in whether to enter the markets or not. EY supported the client by conducting market research and by preparing detailed reports of the offerings in the local markets.​

EY Consulting – Finance Consulting Team

Image of Petrus Metsälä

Petrus Metsälä
Finance, EY Consulting
Helsinki, Finland

The world of Finance and the CFO agenda is changing with accelerating pace. At EY we deliver leading edge solutions to our clients to help them navigate in the everchanging business environment with increasing focus in delivering business value.​

We support our domestic and global clients across industries in transforming their finance operations to the digital era and maximizing the value finance delivers to our customers’ business operations.​

Our mission is to help our customers to get the best out of their digital journey & we would like you to take off to that journey with us.​

As a trainee in EY’s Finance Consulting services team, you will be an integral part of our project teams in delivering value to our global clients. With us you can develop your competencies in e.g. business and finance transformation, finance processes & gain experience from different data analytics solutions.​

Our focus is increasingly in digitalization of finance and controlling operations including data and technology solutions. Data analytics is an integral part in many of our engagements and we will be a key enabler in delivering value to our clients going forward.​

  • Image of Iita Turpela Iita Turpela - Combining finance processes, digitalization and sustainability in Finance Consulting

    Background and experience working at EY

    • I started as a Consultant at EY in January 2022 and during my first spring at EY I finished my Master’s studies at Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics majoring in Accounting. Prior to EY I have worked in audit and accounting.
    • Working as a finance consultant is all about solving problems that today’s CFOs face from various different angles. During my time at EY I have worked in different projects and teams related to sustainability, finance processes and financial planning and reporting.
    • One of the most valuable things for me at EY is that as a global player EY enables endless international opportunities and network, that I have already had the chance to utilize in an international project with colleagues from i.e. USA, Canada and UK.
    • In addition the flexibility of the hybrid model, great internal EY trips and the fun people I get to spend my days with are factors that make EY a great place to work!
  • Image of Teemu Vuorinen Teemu Vuorinen - How to make technology, processes and people work better together?

    Background and experience working at EY

    • I started as a manager at EY in November 2019. Prior joining EY I have worked in different roles as IT consultant, analyst and project controller in various industries.
    • I have Master’s degree in Economics and during my studies I started to increase interest on data and analytics. Besides university I have spent quite some time learning different technologies, mostly due to the fact that I always wanted to automate the unnecessary steps at my work.
    • In Finance Consulting we are able help clients to find real value in their finance and technology related projects. At EY we are making the technology, processes and people work better together.
    • There are many different type of projects and clients at EY that I have worked in. Mostly they have to do with data and analytics in combination with finance and range from financial planning and reporting tool implementations to finance integrations in M&A projects.

    Example of a project I’ve been involved in recently:

    Finance integration in a M&A project. EY helped the client to build a temporary reporting solution, supported the client business controllers to take over the new business and integrated the acquired business to the existing finance processes.