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Our approach to Data and Insight-driven Transformation helps you modernize your data architecture and infrastructure to unlock business value. EY teams help you implement end-to-end enterprise data strategy and hyper automation to become an intelligent, trusted and transformation-driven organization.

Harness data to drive decisions

EY teams help you embed data-centricity into decision-making and daily operations, empowering your organization to either transform the entire enterprise or start with discrete parts to rapidly deliver value.

Innovate and transform

In a rapidly changing market, EY teams help you innovate more quickly, to keep up with your customers and outpace competitors. Being driven by data and insights allows you to digitally transform with minimal risk.

Create long-term value

EY teams help you understand and leverage data transformation methods that can have a long-term positive impact on your customers, your people and society, as well as increased financial value.


Solution features and functionality

EY teams start with business issues and then help build the modern data and AI architecture companies need to move up the maturity curve, from data foundations to augmenting human intelligence with AI.

  • Overcome common challenges in achieving data and AI centricity

    To address cultural resistance, put humans at the center:

    • Build an agile, innovative culture that embraces transformational change
    • Distribute communications to build awareness and celebrate success
    • Establish governance for moonshot ideas and dedicated leadership to support new businesses
    • Develop a future-skilled workforce, equipped with AI, data and intelligent automation (IA) capabilities

    To increase confidence in systems and outcomes, we’ll help you embed trust into everything:

    • Increase the importance of trust at every step of the process, including in trusted data, trusted operations and trusted customer interfaces
    • Build trust by design instead of simply bolting it on at the end  

    To avoid silos, we’ll explore how you can incorporate data and AI strategically into your short- and long-term planning:

    • Future-back scenarios are used to define where your organization wants to go, then AI is embedded into operations to transform the business

    To implement AI at scale, we’ll help you reimagine your platform architecture. EY teams address this with:

    • Intelligent data architectures: data fabric (5x more efficient, 90% fewer full-time equivalents), semantics and data mesh
    • Trusted intelligence: AI-led systems and services with trust built-in by design
    • Intelligent automation: end-to-end automation of workflows
  • Keep your destination in mind with a future-back model

    Focus on outcomes by starting with where you want to go and then working backward to build the modern data and AI architecture needed to meet strategic objectives.

    • Define the future: You can no longer imagine the future by looking to the past. Today, you need to anticipate the end state at the beginning
    • Design the transformation: With a clear view of the future you want, work backward to determine how to get there
    • Deliver results: Data and Insight-driven Transformation mobilizes the organization using ideation and prototyping
  • Embrace a holistic approach with AI at the core

    Substantial value lies in the intersection of data, AI and IA, rather than applying them in isolation. Embedding this philosophy into your organization can move it up the maturity curve – from gathering data to augmenting human intelligence with AI. 

    EY teams move AI from a point solution to the core strategy: 

    • We offer support from the strategy phase through implementation.
    • We help create an AI core that orchestrates enterprise systems rather than using AI as a point solution.
    • We enlist the full suite of EY services and capabilities to help deliver end-to-end transformative results.
There is a unique opportunity to challenge the status quo by harvesting analytics and artificial intelligence to reinvent the traditional approach to problem solving.

Beatriz Sanz Saiz

EY Global Consulting Data and Analytics Leader

Why EY

We are highly recognized by top-tier analysts who continuously position the global EY organization as a leader in technology consulting. From strategy to implementation, EY teams bring capacity and capability to help enable the use of enterprise data through the value chain, to deliver end-to-end transformations that meet companies’ strategic needs. By placing AI at the core, our Data and Insight-driven Transformation solution can help you create long-term value.

Alliance relationships

The alliances and ecosystem relationships with the following companies help us deliver high-impact data and insight-driven transformation:

Case Study
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Case Study

How to use IoT and data to transform the economics of a sport

A consortium of professional cycling teams and EY professionals are working to change a monetization problem through real-time data and IOT.

Case Study
The better the question The better the answer The better the world works
Case Study

How can you turn spectators into fans?

The sport of cycling has a money problem. Can the sport create a platform that can effectively engage and monetize global viewership?

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Velon hammer series street race
Case Study
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Case Study

Converting casual spectators into fans through live data

By using IoT solutions to leverage the data generated by professional cyclists, EY and the teams were able to build a platform that brings cycling closer to the fans.

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Velon cyclist finish line cross crowd hammer series
Case Study
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Case Study

Integrating the fan into the sport for a richer experience

Creating a one-stop-shop for global cycling fans, laying the foundations for an effective cycling business model.

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Velon crowd bridge watch cycle race korea

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