A photographic portrait of Rohit Joshi
Humankind has always leapfrogged into new eras by building upon past ingenuity. Today, the possibilities and effects of combining multiple emerging technologies are only limited by imagination. We want to be with you to shape the future.

Rohit Joshi

Senior Manager, Technology Consulting, Ernst & Young LLP

Futurist and blue-sky thinker. Technologist who works with clients to develop creative and practical forward-thinking solutions. Urban hiker. Indie music explorer.

As a Senior Manager in Technology Consulting practice, Rohit brings significant experience designing and delivering technology-led digital transformations at leading companies.

Rohit uses his wide-ranging experience and skills to help clients in areas such as technology strategy, technology operating model (TOM), technology governance, technology cost optimization, digital workforce planning and transformation.

Rohit has provided these services across sectors such as technology, media and entertainment, telecommunications, power and utilities, consumer products and retail, health care, aerospace, and insurance sectors.

Rohit holds a BSc in Mathematics and Applied Components - Computer Programming and Systems Analysis from the University of Mumbai.

How Rohit is building a better working world

The core focus of Rohit’s work is helping businesses create value for their employees, customers, stakeholders and shareholders through technology.

Rohit uses his deep experience in technology management and engineering to advise clients in using modern delivery techniques and emerging technologies to activate innovation, drive operating effectiveness and power growth.

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