CPE credits for webcasts

This page provides answers to frequently asked questions about getting continuing professional education (CPE) credits by attending a webcast, so please review prior to submitting a question.

  • How can I qualify for CPE credit?

    CPE credit is offered for live webcasts only (archive and podcast viewing are not eligible). To be eligible for CPE credit, you must meet the minimum viewing durations and poll responses for credit to be awarded.


    Accumulated Viewing Time Required

    Polls Answered

    Eligible CPE Credit

    50 to 59 minutes



    60 to 69 minutes



    70 to 80 minutes



    80 to 89 minutes



    90 to 99 minutes




    Important: Your “accumulated viewing time” must occur during the live webcast. Please take into account the minute or so that it may take you to log into the webcast. Time prior to the start of the webcast (i.e., while the countdown clock is running) or after the end of the webcast (e.g., while completing the feedback form) does not qualify.

    Webcasts use polls to track participation. The polls are question and response options that appear during the webcast. Pop-up blockers must be disabled for the polls to function properly. Please read the eligibility requirements above for the number of poll questions to which you must respond to qualify for CPE credit.

  • I viewed the webcast with someone. Can I receive CPE credit?

     In order to receive credit, each individual will be required to log in to the live webcast and meet the eligibility requirements listed above.

  • I experienced technical or logistical difficulties during the live webcast, or I had to log off and back on during the webcast. Can I still qualify for CPE credit?

    Yes - if you still meet the minimum accumulated viewing time, poll and feedback requirements listed above. As a member of the National Registry of CPE Sponsors, webcasts must adhere to the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy’s (NASBA) guidelines. We use online participation time and poll responses to prove that each participant has actively participated for the duration of a webcast.

    Due to these strict regulatory guidelines, we are unable to grant CPE credit when technical or logistical difficulties affect eligibility. You may not receive CPE credit if you did not meet the eligibility requirements listed above even if technical issues contributed to ineligibility. If you encounter technical difficulties during a live webcast, please click on the “Help” icon for a technical FAQ or use the “Q&A” button on the webcast screen for assistance.

  • I responded to the poll questions using the “Questions” button on the screen or via email. Can I still qualify for CPE credit?

    Polls must be responded to using the radio buttons in the polling window. Responses submitted using the “Questions“ button on the screen or via email do not qualify.

    If you encounter technical difficulties during a live webcast that prevent you from responding using the radio buttons, please click on the “Q&A” button on the webcast screen for assistance.

  • I listened to the live webcast over the telephone. Can I qualify for CPE credit?

    To be eligible for CPE credit when listening to a webcast via conference call, you must be logged into the live webcast online. This allows you to view slides and respond to poll questions online. You must still meet the minimum online participation time, poll and feedback requirements listed above. Due to NASBA participation requirements, we are unable to issue CPE for those who are only listening via conference call.

  • Can I watch an on-demand webcast or listen to a podcast and qualify for CPE credit?

    No - only participation in a live webcast qualifies for CPE credit.

  • When and how will I know whether or not I qualified for CPE credit?

    At the end of each live webcast, the webcast technology automatically determines which participants qualify for CPE credit based on the eligibility requirements above.

    Click on the “CPE” icon at the bottom of the webcast interface. A window will open indicating if you have qualified for CPE credit. If a credit has been awarded, the window will allow you to request and download your certificate.

    EY Personnel - At the end of the webcast, the list of eligible participants is  recorded. CPE credits will then be posted to SuccessFactors. You can use the CPE tracker to review all your CPE credits.

  • I have a question regarding my CPE certificate. What should I do?

    Send your question referencing the webcast you are inquiring about to CPE - questions. We ask that you be patient in waiting for the response to your CPE question. In order to serve you better, each individual’s record must be reviewed independently.