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Law and AI Compliance

We can help you at all stages of development and implementation of solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI). 


What is AI regulatory compliance? 

With the development of AI-based technologies come new challenges, including regulatory and legal challenges. The European Union, the United States, China and a number of other countries are all working on regulating this technology. However, before these regulations come into force, artificial intelligence systems should comply with current regulations and standards and meet ethical, safety and robustness requirements.

It is important to be aware of the current legal challenges related to the development and use of artificial intelligence, especially generative artificial intelligence, in the areas of information protection, intellectual property rights and specific sectoral regulation.

How can we help

We will guide you from the early stage of setting the AI strategy, throughout the process of development and implementation and during use of the AI systems – both from legal and technological point of view.

We also provide international support in almost every jurisdiction in the world – we can be your one-stop shop in ensuring AI regulatory compliance worldwide.

Pre-implementation stage
  • Setting AI strategy and business goals
  • Guidance in choosing the right tool and implementation method
  • Guidance in choosing the supplier
  • Preparation of AI policy concerning both in-house and third party AI tools (also publically available)
Development stage
  • Risk assessment of the AI system
  • Advise on legal requirements applicable to the development of AI system
  • Guidance in preparation of proper documentation
Implementation stage
  • Risk assessment of the supplier and AI system
  • Advise on legal requirements applicable to the implementation of AI system
  • Guidance in preparation of proper documentation
  • Guidance in preparation of proper policies concerning AI monitoring, testing and evaluation, operations continuity and disaster recovery, protection of information
Post-implementation stage
  • Advise on legal requirements applicable to the use of AI system
  • Guidance in proper monitoring, testing and evaluation of the AI system
  • Advise on ensuring the commercialization of AI system results
  • Ad-hoc legal support, including in case of security breach and malfunction of the AI system
  • Regular updates on changes in law worldwide.

Our solutions

Digital Regulatory Check by EY Law

Check your digital compliance with just one click using Digital Regulatory Check. Our tool is designed to automate your compliance processes, ensuring adherence to the latest technology and AI regulations!

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European Digital Map

Are you waiting for the knowledge of Europe's digital decade to fall from the sky? Find out more about upcoming responsibilities and opportunities for European businesses. 

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