Wealth & asset management strategy consulting

EY-Parthenon wealth and asset management consulting teams help clients improve their investments’ value through strategic opportunities and threat identification for a sustainable future. 

What EY-Parthenon wealth and asset management strategy consulting teams can do for you

EY-Parthenon wealth and asset management consulting teams help clients identify and target future developments so their business value proposition is positioned for future success.

The push for change in the wealth and asset management firms is gathering strength. Trends and stressors affecting this movement include:

  • Margin pressure: Asset managers are experiencing margin pressure as investors move their assets from actively managed funds to index-based, lower-margin funds.  
  • Advisory fee pressure: Wealth management firms are also feeling downward pressure on current advisory fees.  
  • New investor mindset: Wealth managers need to devise fresh ways to court younger investors, as this group begins to inherit generational wealth from their Baby Boomer parents. This cohort has a different mindset. Not so product-focused, they are more goal-oriented with serious concerns about the environment.  
  • Emergence of digital models: Disruption is occurring at a quicker pace as new business models challenge the value proposition of what a financial services company should be or can deliver. 
  • Fiduciary model preference: Many investors are turning to the independent fiduciary business model where advisor rewards are linked to the positive performance of client accounts.
  • Aging financial advisor base: As a group, the average age of a financial advisor is now approaching 60.  This signals the impending retirement of a large group of experienced advisors with fewer available people to fill the gap.
  • Financial advisor independence shift: If they aren’t retiring, many other financial advisors are leaving large financial services firms to work independently. By doing so, they have the potential to both increase their income and decrease ‘big-company’ pressure to perform.
  • Firm consolidation: Many companies (particularly asset management firms) are consolidating in order to increase their scale, capabilities and distribution channels.  

EY-Parthenon wealth and asset management consulting teams can help you find solutions to these issues as well as ease transitions while you build your own differentiated capabilities. We understand these business shifts and bring our broad experience and deep understanding of this sector to bear. Our purpose is to help you make better decisions about your company’s future through solid research and strategic thinking.

EY-Parthenon wealth and asset management strategy service is extremely broad. For example, we can help:

  • Improve your current product go-to-market plans
  • Identify new, technology-driven services
  • Explore new ways to increase revenue and decrease costs 
  • Find, execute and integrate acquisition targets into your business

The EY-Parthenon wealth and asset management consulting teams have the knowledge, experience and foresight to help you envision the future and then enable your business to achieve its potential.

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