EY at MWC Barcelona 2022

In a world more connected than ever, why work alone? Together, we can see opportunities where others don’t.

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Now is the time to build your resilience and look to the future through a new lens.

The global pandemic has been an accelerator for change, from fast-tracking the adoption and use of technology and new ways of working, to the need to pivot quickly to keep up with changing expectations. The changed landscape has forced reinvention and organizations are looking to create and shape a new future: to reimagine what’s possible and realize new opportunities together.

At MWC Barcelona 2022 – one of the most influential cross-industry technology events in the world – EY industry professionals and subject matter experts met with our clients, alliance partners and members of our expansive industry ecosystem to collaborate and address their most critical business and technology issues.

From 5G adoption across industries to the future of smart health, and from connected transportation to digital infrastructure, we discussed how together we can reframe the future within these technology-based ecosystems to build a more equitable society, and a more sustainable and better working world.

How can 5G providers help industries to flourish?

Listen to insights on how intelligent connectivity is changing industry futures and how a well-functioning, intelligent digital infrastructure is a source of competitive advantage for those who have it in place.

Is sustainability the innovation challenge of a generation?

Join us as we highlight game-changing organizations that are leading the way to net-zero carbon footprints and using data and analytics to prevent and reduce further ecological impact. ​

How can digital government connect citizens without leaving the disconnected behind?

Hear what citizens around the world think about their own lives, the government services they receive, and the way governments can harness data and technology to improve societal conditions and connections. 

How do you create the care models of tomorrow that are barely imaginable today?

We present our Smart Health solutions to demonstrate what a hospital and health system could look like in the age of digital health care.

Edited by Barak Ravid

EY-Parthenon Americas Leader

Energized by all things at the intersection of technology and strategy. Passionate about the strength of diverse and inclusive teams. Love sailing, biking, soccer, snowboarding. Father of three girls.

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