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Uncover new optimization potential through data-based analysis of your business processes. The first process analysis is performed in just 5 minutes when set up correctly.

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Product description

If you want to automate your organization, you have to know the relevant processes inside out. This requires transparency as well as suitable methods, infrastructures and platforms to analyze business processes quickly, easily and clearly. This is exactly why we developed EY Easy Process Assessment.

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    Making processes and workflows measurable and optimizing them

    Processes and workflows often run differently than desired and deviate from the defined target process. The reason for this is a lack of transparency. Companies often face the challenge that systems and processes are not known in detail. Continuous process optimization is essential to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of processes and thus reduce costs, but also to adjust critical processes.

    Question your workflows

    In the course of process optimization, you should constantly put your workflows and processes to the test. Since the structures and processes in every company are different, IT-supported solutions help you to optimize your work processes quickly and efficiently and to increase the performance of your company.

    Process analysis in just 5 minutes

    With EY Easy Process Assessment, you can quickly analyze business processes, gain initial insights and evaluate critical processes. To do this, extract just one SAP report from the system without any additional installation steps. This first analysis shows you your optimization potential at a glance and you can make comparisons within your own industry. The results are visualized in a dynamic business intelligence report.

    The EY Easy Process Assessment scope of services includes:

    1. Definition of the scope:

    • Definition of systems and relevant company codes
    • Identification of topics and focus processes
    • Definition of data extraction and transfer requirements

    2. Data extraction and validation:

    • Extraction of defined data via transaction SE37
    • Data transfer to the "Easy Process Assessment" environment

    3. Data analysis:

    • Execution of "EY stored procedures" to create the required tables
    • Transfer to a dynamic dashboard with filter and dropdown functionalities

    4. Result presentation:

    • Result report incl. examples of efficiency improvements through standardization, optimization and automation (based on real data)
    • Compilation of recommendations for action and identification of standardization and optimization potentials

    Automated process optimization - simple, transparent and fast

    1. Simple data extraction, data analysis and operation
    2. Display of matches and deviations from the "SAP standard”
    3. Distribution of transaction intensity and usage behavior
    4. Insights into the use of standard transactions, user-defined transactions and integrated tools
    5. Industry-specific process benchmarking
    6. Ease of use with custom filtering options and drill-down functionality in Power BI
    7. Automated analysis with AI components 
    8. Full process transparency - clarity on potential compliance violations
    9. Implementation of individual process models and KPIs

A look inside the automation solution for business process analysis

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Overview of the use of standard or custom transactions to highlight the complexity of internal business processes. This can quickly identify information security breaches, among other things, as well as highlight potential compliance violations within the process - invoked transaction codes can reveal a mismatch between approvals and document changes, for example.

EY Easy Process Assessment Screenshot 2

Process indicators

Detailed overview of transaction usage per process as well as insights into user-defined transactions and how, how often, by how many users and in which frequency they are used to make optimization potentials transparent.

EY Easy Process Assessment Screenshot 3

Analysis results and benchmarking

Conduct industry comparisons and competitive benchmarking and clearly present results in a dashboard.

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