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Drive your digital transformation by developing your digital strategy roadmap, digital operating models and digital capabilities.

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Product description

EY Parthenon Digital Strategy is a tool to drive your digital transformation by developing a digital strategy roadmap, digital operating models and digital capabilities.

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    Digitalization means higher levels of complexity and uncertainty for companies. EY Parthenon believes that in a company’s strategy "Digital" should be considered at least four times:

                 o   Digitally coined customer expectations and experience

                 o   Digitally disrupted competitive environment and new entrants

                 o   Digitally enabled & (re-) configured proposition (where to play)

                 o   Digitally enhanced delivery of proposition (how to win)

    EY Parthenon leverages its proven project approach and engages with you in your digital transformation journey via co-development and co-creation, delivering best results:

                o  Scan and challenge: Analyze existing information, challenge defined directions and identify gaps (leveraging tools such as Digital Readiness Assessment)

                o  Focus and prioritize: Collaborate to define main priorities based on ambitions across workstreams (strategy, data, applications, operations, capabilities)

                o  Plan and transform: Jointly develop a transformation roadmap to support acting and change

A look inside the digital readiness assessment tool

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The "Digital Readiness Assessment" (DRA) is an online, interactive, and proven proprietary benchmark tool leveraged for strategic groundwork when supporting you in your digital transformation. The DRA enables you to validate hypotheses about the digital maturity of your organization. After you complete the assessment, you will receive:

  • Live analytical results coupled with dynamic insights and commentary
  • Benchmarking and ranking functionality against attributes such as industry and sector
  • Links to other relevant EY services
Today, each company needs to have a strategy ready for the digital age. It is an integral element of corporate, growth and functional strategies.
Martin Ceccon
Head EY-Parthenon Strategy | Switzerland

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