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The transition to eMobility can be achieved easily if you know how. EY will show you the possibilities and help you choose the right solution for your company.

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Transition to eMobility

Replacing some vehicles with combustion engines in your fleet with electric vehicles has many advantages, although these may not all be clear at first. They include, among others, reduced maintenance costs, fuel cost savings, possible subsidies for the purchase of vehicles as well as operational benefits.

Do you want to define the steps you need to take to successfully electrify your fleet? Do you want a quick and trouble-free solution, but at the same time wish to avoid the common mistakes when introducing new technologies? Or do you already have electric cars in your fleet, but their use is not a pleasure for either fleet managers or drivers? We believe that the answers you are looking for will be found in this article.

EY eFleet solutions will guide you through the process from start to finish. Our specialists will help you to evaluate your company’s circumstances and choose the appropriate solution which exactly corresponds to your specific expectations. Our support can address your needs from the initial analysis of the use of the current fleet, through the setting up of the overall strategy and the individual steps necessary for the optimal use of all the benefits of electromobility, to the actual implementation of electric vehicles, charging infrastructure and accompanying information systems. 

Questions our clients do not know how to answer:

  • We need to switch to a fully electric fleet by 2025. How can we do this?
  • What is necessary?
  • What is the difference between a smart and a dumb charger?
  • Is it possible to receive a subsidy? Under what conditions?
  • How can our employees charge the cars?
  • How can we report the kWh charged?
  • Who are the suppliers on the market, which one should I choose? 

What part of the journey is relevant to you?

Wherever you are on your fleet electrification journey, EY can help steer your company and your fleet towards a greener future.

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Where can EY help you?

Thanks to the extensive experience of our team, the often stressful electrification of your fleet will not be a challenge for you. Our eFleet experts will guide you and be on hand throughout the whole process.
  • Acquisition of electric cars and costs

    • Assessment of the current needs of the fleet and travel needs of employees
    • Evaluation of the suitability of electric vehicles to replace current vehicles with internal combustion engines
    • Definition of the optimal number of electric vehicles for the fleet, impact on costs and emissions
    • Analysis and scenarios of electric fleet implementation
  • Environmental, social and corporate governance

    • Carbon footprint calculation
    • ESG health check
    • Process analysis of the company and identification of key processes with a negative impact on sustainability
    • Integrating ESG into your business strategy
    • Setting up non-financial reporting
  • Implementation of electric vehicles in the fleet and change management

    • Support for the integration of electric vehicles into the company's current fleet
    • Setting up usage principles from an employee and fleet management perspective
    • Setting internal guidelines and defining the differences between requirements for electric vehicles and cars with internal combustion engines
  • Adjustment of automotive policy, internal regulations and tax optimization

    • Coverage of the use of electric vehicles in terms of human resource management, taxation and law
    • Complete preparation of internal regulations governing the use of company cars for private purposes and passenger cars for business purposes, taking into account the existing legislation on electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids
  • Charging and energy management

    • Vehicle charging standards and charging requirements
    • Technical and economic requirements for fleet charging
    • Energy management of the building and the impact of charging, charging control options and the possibility of using renewable energy for the needs of fleet charging and the building’s own consumption 
  • Subsidy consultancy

    • Meeting the goals of so-called clean mobility and increasing the share of renewable energy sources
    • Improving air quality and reducing transport emissions by promoting a shift to alternative low-emission fuels
    • Development of charging and refueling infrastructure
    • Promoting the acquisition of low-emission vehicles and increasing energy efficiency in the transport sector

Our client’s situation

The client was in a situation where they had to switch to a fully electric fleet within five years.

It was necessary to solve:

  • Public/private and business vehicle charging
  • Charging stations for employees
  • Unified charging management ecosystem and reimbursement of charging costs

How did we help them?

  • Presentation of the possibilities on the Czech market
  • Tender preparation and evaluation
  • Tax optimization
  • Subsidies for employee chargers
  • Project management of the implementation

What did our cooperation bring?

Thanks to an effective tender, tax and subsidy optimization


decrease in costs

Smooth electrification process


functional system

We would like to thank the whole team for their very professional approach to the management of the Electromobility project within our company.

We especially appreciate your innovative approach, professional knowledge, excellent and fast processing of all documents and effective help in conducting negotiations with all participants in the selection procedure. 

HR manager, AstraZeneca


What is the current state of electromobility in Czech companies?

The EY automotive team cooperates with several entities on the Czech market and has extensive and long-term experience with various projects. Thanks to long-term market monitoring, we have an overview of the current trends and hold data that is of great value, both to us and to our clients.

eFleet team

Zdeněk Dušek

Partner in Automotive & Mobility team

Jakub Bernold

Senior Manager in Automotive & Mobility team

Martin Novák

Senior Manager in Tax consulting team

Štěpán Flieger
Karel Vaniš

Consultant in the Automotive & Mobility team

Štěpán Flieger
Kryštof Hejhal

Assistant Director in the Markets & Business Development team

Štěpán Flieger
Michaela Šuchmanová

Consultant in the Automotive & Mobility team

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