EY Trusted AI Platform

EY Trusted AI Platform provides an integrated approach to evaluate, quantify and monitor the impact and trustworthiness of artificial intelligence (AI).

What EY can do for you

The EY Trusted AI Platform provides insights to organizations on the sources and drivers of risk and guides an AI design team in quantifying AI risks.

By developing a quantitative score of an AI system’s residual risk, the EY Trusted AI Platform provides the ability to:

  • Map residual risk across an organization’s AI portfolio and against their risk tolerance level
  • Drill-down into the drivers of risk to develop targeted risk mitigation strategies
  • Perform dynamic risk management to forecast the risk impact of AI design changes

How the platform works

The EY Trusted AI Platform uses interactive, web-based schematic and assessment tools to build the risk profile of an AI system. It then uses an advanced analytical model to convert the user responses to a composite score comprising technical risk, stakeholder impact and control effectiveness of an AI system. 

To help determine technical risk, the platform evaluates the technical design of an AI system, measuring risk drivers that include its underlying technologies, technical operating environment and level of autonomy. 

To help determine stakeholder risk, the platform considers the goals and objectives of the AI system. It also considers the financial, emotional and physical impact on the external and internal users, as well as the reputational, regulatory and legal risk. 

The control effectiveness score considers the existence and operating effectiveness of controls and acts as a mitigating factor to reduce the risks of AI.

By combining the three scores, the EY Trusted AI Platform calculates the residual risk of an AI system. Based on the anticipated impact on users, stakeholder risk acts as a multiplier to technical risk, taking into account social and ethical implications. The evaluation of governance and control maturity acts as a mitigating factor to reduce residual risk of an AI system.

User-friendly visualizations provide a quick snapshot of the relative risk scores across an organization’s AI portfolio, with drill-down capabilities to reveal additional details. 

How the platform benefits organizations

The quantification of AI risks is an important step in developing a robust risk management system and establishing trusted AI. The EY Trusted AI Platform is being launched to help organizations:

  • Leverage risk foresight to accelerate their access to AI insights
  • Build trust in AI
  • Derive sustained value from AI

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