Photographic portrait of Vivek Agrawal
Organizations leveraging generative AI with a relentless focus on client experience will be the ultimate industry winners in a post-pandemic world.

Vivek Agrawal

Partner, Wealth and Asset Management, Ernst & Young LLP

Exponential growth leader for wealth and asset management. Strategic advisor to CEOs on how to disrupt, innovate and drive superior outcomes for investors.

Vivek is a Partner and leads the Customer Technologies practice for our Wealth and Asset Management clients. He is a preeminent thought leader and strategic advisor to CEOs and boards. With more than 25 years of industry experience, he is known for envisioning and executing innovative and strategic initiatives, which are focused on exponential growth strategies, digital marketing and technology, as well as operational efficiencies. Vivek focuses on marketing technologies like CRM, CMS and mobile experiences, including advisor experience and customer experience.

Previously, Vivek established multiple digital platforms and products, all geared toward next-generation customer experience (desktop, phones, tablets, TVs, digital in-store) for leading retailers around the globe, such as Nike, Adidas, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Reliance Industries and Huawei.

How Vivek is building a better working world

Vivek is passionate about solving strategic business challenges leveraging innovative technologies. Since iPhones came out in 2008, he has been fascinated by how the brands are available to all customers 24/7 and how that has led to higher customer expectations. Customers now decide when they want to interact with the brands, as opposed to vice versa. This fundamental paradigm shift has shaped the last 20 years of Vivek’s intrinsic desire to build and grow business and capabilities centered around customer experience and technologies.

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