A photographic portrait of Gautam Jaggi
Disruption is reshaping more than business models. Today it can come from the ballot booth or climate events. Up next is the disruption of work, the social contract, the human mind and life itself.

Gautam Jaggi

EY Global Markets EYQ Global Insights Director

EYQ analyst exploring what’s after what’s next. Focus areas: disruption, megatrends, behavioral economics, health, future of work, AI. Passionate about photography, travel and music.

Focusing on the disruption of business, society and government, Gautam is an Insights Director at EYQ.

He is the lead editor and contributing author of the EY Megatrends bi-annual report. He also offers points of view specific to several individual megatrends, including the future of work, behavioral economics, adaptive regulation, remapping urbanization and health reimagined.

Prior to EYQ, Gautam led thought leadership for EY Life Sciences and Health sectors as lead author and managing editor of a series of reports on the disruption of health care. He has extensive experience in public policy, both at the EY QUEST practice, where he analyzed the impact of public policy proposals, and at a leading international economics think tank.

Gautam is a featured speaker and workshops facilitator on disruptive innovation. He has a BA in Economics from Vassar College and an MA in International Relations from USC.

How Gautam is building a better working world

‟I am concerned about the increasing polarization of society and politics – a central challenge of our times that is itself an obstacle to tackling other urgent societal challenges. In addition to reading and writing on this topic, I have joined groups attempting to find solutions to this problem, including through understanding the role of neuroscience in society and through encouraging moderation in politics.”

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