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In this section you will likely find the answers to your questions about application and vacancies at EY.

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Zwei duale Studenten bei EY im Projekt

Your application to EY

  • Where can I find vacancies?

    You can find a complete list of our global vacancies on the EY job portal. It also lists all open positions for school students (apprenticeships, dual study courses), graduates, young professionals and professionals in Switzerland. Our careers website explains everything important about working at EY and applying for jobs.

  • How can I apply?

    Please use the EY job portal. Your documents will be immediately passed on to the right person from the EY Talent Team and the relevant department.

  • How can I apply after finishing school?

    You can find all open apprenticeship positions in the EY job portal and use it to apply, too. Find details about possible areas of employment at EY on our careers website, on our social media channels and in the school student brochure.

  • Do certain EY locations invite more graduates for interviews and hire larger numbers?

    Basically, our requirements for your academic qualifications, skills and personal traits are the same at all locations. In fact, some locations are hiring more graduates, so your application will have a better chance of success there. In our job portal, you will find all job offers at the locations you have selected. You can also apply there directly.

  • Who will answer my questions about the selection process and the programmes you offer?

    Contact EY employees directly at one of the recruiting fairs taking place throughout Switzerland. There are EY Campus Scouts at many universities who will be happy to answer your questions. Numerous professors know EY from cooperation agreements and will also provide you with information. You could also ask fellow students who have completed an internship with us about their experiences. In addition, you can always write us an email or give us a call through our central phone number: +41 58 286 31 11.

  • What documents do I need for the online application?

    Have your CV, cover letter, the latest references and proof of work experience ready in electronic format. The application system allows you to upload up to 25 files with a total size of five megabytes (file formats: .doc, .wpd, .xls, .txt, .rtf, .htm/.html, .pdf).

  • How does the online application work?

    1. Agree to a privacy agreement and create a user account.
    2. Indicate the earliest possible starting date and tell us how you became aware of the position.
    3. Upload your resume. Alternatively, select your resume on LinkedIn. The system automatically extracts the relevant data from a document of your choice.
    4. On the next page, you will be able to let us know your personal details. Some information is mandatory.
    5. Please refer to your previous work experience. The order of activities can be changed later.
    6. Do you prefer a specific location of EY? Indicate this in a questionnaire.
    7. Add attachments of your choice.
    8. Check all the details once again, then send them off.
    9. EY will send you a confirmation of receipt.

    The selection process varies, depending on the country and the job(s) you are applying for. Details of our selection process can be found in the section "Application process".

  • Can I update or delete my profile and application?

    Yes, at any time. Just log in and change your profile details. In the menu item "My Job Page", you can update or delete an application. You can delete your applicant account under "My Account Options".

  • I forgot my login details. What next?

    On the login page of the system, select "Forgot password" or/and "Forgot user name". Follow the instructions.

  • How can I get information about jobs that are right for me?

    If you have an applicant account, you can be informed by e-mail about relevant vacancies. Select "My Account Options" in your profile, scroll down to the "Correspondence" section, select "Edit" and the item "Inform me by e-mail if a position is on offer that is suitable for me".

  • I've been invited for an interview at EY. How do I get there?

    Here you will find directions, which you can also download if required.

Starting and working at EY

  • How is EY structured?

    EY is an international organisation with member companies in more than 150 countries. Each member company is owned by the respective partners, who are also responsible for the operative business.

    To ensure that we work to the same high standards and quality guidelines worldwide, EY has a global supervisory structure. It comprises four geographic regions (areas), each of which is headed by an Area Executive. Area Executives work closely with the Global Executive Board under the leadership of CEO Carmine Di Sibio.

    The worldwide activities of EY are strategically supported by EY Global. This unit works with the individual regions to ensure a uniformly high level of EY's work throughout the world.

  • In which countries is EY represented?

    EY has around 270,000 employees in 150 countries. Here you can see all locations in Switzerland.

  • How do I know which EY department suits me best?

    Your interest and your specialisation are decisive. Get the latest information on the EY careers website and our social media channels. Discussions with friends and family will give you further information about your strengths and inclinations.

    EY is constantly growing and expanding into new business areas. Career events are a good opportunity to meet our employees. Talk to them!

    Click here to go directly to the EY service lines: AdvisoryAssuranceTaxTransactionsGrowth MarketsSpecialty Services.

  • Does EY offer flexible working time models?

    Yes, your private life and your personal freedom will get the space they deserve. We support each other in finding the right work-life balance. Part-time models, leave of absence and mobile working are just a few examples of ways to combine different facets of life with your work.

    Work and still pick up your children from kindergarten; attend band rehearsals or care for relatives; support initiatives that are close to your heart. EY has employees in its ranks who are active in literature and music or have even participated in Olympic Games. Live what you are!

  • What qualifications do I need to start at EY?

    It depends on the location and the position you are interested in. You can find out more in the respective job advertisement in our job portal.

  • Can I apply for a job abroad?

    You can apply for all vacancies in Switzerland and abroad that are advertised on our job portal. Then it depends on which qualifications are required and which regulations apply in the respective country regarding labour law, work permits and visas.

  • Can I do an internship at EY?

    Students and bachelor graduates can do internships at EY. These are advertised in our job portal. An internship will let you gain valuable experience and prepare yourself well for a career start at EY. If your performance is outstanding, we offer you the opportunity to join our intern promotion programme Xperience.

  • Can I do an internship abroad at EY?

    As a member of our intern promotion programme Xperience, you also have the opportunity to do an internship abroad. We award these places as part of the Set Sail programme for internships abroad.

  • What is EY Futures, previously known as International Intern Leadership Conference (IILC), and how can I apply to take part?

    EY Futures is an annual conference at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, to which we invite the world's best interns. With more than 2,000 participants, it is the largest event of its kind. You will meet EY's international management team and gain exciting insights into our global strategy.

Your career at EY

  • How can I develop professionally?

    We support and promote you individually in your career. Regular performance reviews and discussions show where you stand and what EY can do for you, for example with training sessions tailored to your needs. Our learning and development programs take place in the form of classroom learning or e-learning. Mentoring and on-the-job training also help you get ahead. Learn more about your individual career development.

  • Can I work abroad for EY at a later stage?

    Yes, first-class performance in your previous job qualifies you best for this. If you are interested in a job abroad, talk to your Counselor. Together with you, he/she will look for suitable ways to reach your goals.

  • What influence do I have on my career development?

    It's up to you to decide which goals you want to achieve and how you use opportunities. We also see the development of our employees as a mutual obligation. Let us know your goals, because this gives us the opportunity to conduct performance reviews to find out how we can best support you.

    We offer a supportive learning environment as well as a team- and performance-oriented working environment in which you can develop into a high-calibre and successful professional. Many career paths are open to you and, if possible, we try to offer flexible working hours so that you can successfully fulfil both your professional and private obligations.

    In return, you will take responsibility for your professional and personal advancement and give your best every day at work.

The corporate culture at EY

  • What does a typical working week at EY look like?

    Every week is different and brings new exciting challenges. Flexibility in our cooperation is our top priority. This allows us to determine time and again how imminent tasks will be completed. Discussions within the team and with your superiors structure your tasks and your schedule.

  • Is there a dress code at EY?

    In our offices, "business casual" is the dress code. However, our clients expect professional consultants to have a professional appearance. When you are with them, business attire is mandatory. However, when visiting clients’ premises, clothing will be in accordance with the dress code on site.

    Our (German) blog has dress code tips for both women and men.

  • Does EY support diversity and openness?

    Many nations and cultures form EY. We bring together different experiences and ways of life that complement, inspire and motivate each other. We are supported by a mutual understanding that helps us build a more efficient and sustainably better world.

    As an employer, we at EY have made a public commitment with non-profit organisations like Advance and Swiss LGBTI-Label to ensure fairness and appreciation within the company and to create an environment where all employees are part of the community and have the opportunity to realize their full potential.

    Through our member companies and their teams, diversity is firmly anchored in our organization. Despite all the differences, being open with each other is central to our approach. It is important to us to accept and consider different points of view. They lead us to better decisions for us and for our clients. If required, we also offer soft skill training, for example to promote a global mindset.

    Our claim to promote and cultivate diversity and openness also makes sense from a business perspective. This claim supports teams and clients in a globalised economy and helps them to act across borders in an environment characterised by economic and demographic change.

  • What is EY doing to protect the climate?

    We take on responsibility for the environment. However, sustainability is also an important business factor for us and our clients. We take a critical look at our CO2 emissions worldwide and take measures to reduce them by, for example,

    • renting offices in buildings that meet the highest sustainability standards,
    • limiting international travel and instead communicating via video or telephone conference, and
    • preferably working with ecologically-oriented suppliers.

    Read more about our commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment.

  • How can I volunteer?

    There are many ways for you to volunteer at your place of residence or work. For example, EY employees support gifted students, act as mentors for prospective entrepreneurs and organize tree planting activities.

    When you volunteer your talents, it is a service to society. Everyone benefits. Our activities are divided into three areas: Promoting entrepreneurial thinking and action, education and environmental protection. Read more about our social commitment.