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Product description

Tax reporting processes for quarterly and annual financial statements are becoming increasingly complex for corporations and consume valuable resources. We support you in standardizing your tax reporting processes, automating them and making them more efficient.

EY Effective Tax Rate (ETR) Web provides you with a globally applicable solution that contains all the necessary calculations, evaluations and process support for a quality-assured determination of tax items in the consolidated financial statements.

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    EY Effective Tax Rate Web provides you with a centralized platform for tax reporting

    Your employees will be able to work in a multilingual system worldwide without media discontinuity and without manual "copy and paste". The platform is available to you at any time and location. The platform is compatible with remote work.

    EY Effective Tax Rate Web provides automated assistance in determining tax-related disclosures in the notes to the financial statements.

    EY ETR Web automatically provides you with the necessary calculations and information for the tax-related disclosures in the notes to the financial statements. Optionally, the module can be connected to your ERP or your consolidation system via a web interface. 

    This means that account balances can be queried directly from the connected system and, if desired, the corresponding tax postings can also be returned via accounting records.

    Dynamic overview

    Individual evaluations as well as dashboards with drill-down functions are available at the push of a button for individual companies and at group level. This will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the local calculations and enable you to analyze and optimize the key tax drivers of the effective tax rate. The status and workflow functions show the current status in the time-critical financial statement preparation process clearly and comprehensibly in real time.

    Individual access for users

    With our flexible authorization concept, you will be able to define authorizations for each reporting unit in the group individually. Each user will then only be able to view and edit the reporting units and functions that are relevant to them.

    Traceable documentation and optimized process support

    • All inputs can directly be explained by uploading file attachments and inserting comments.
    • Individual Excel sub-invoices are conveniently linked to the system and enable the mapping of company-specific issues.
    • The status system documents every step and reminds you with an e-mail to meet deadlines in the quarterly and annual financial statements.
    • ETR Web offers your tax department for quarterly and year-end closing with our layer concept the possibility to save and track different data sets and calculations. If needed, the data can be adjusted for simulations - without changing data that has already been reconciled or finalized.

Summary of your advantages

A closer look on the automation solution for incoming invoices

Overview of the composition of the tax rate

Dashboards at individual company and group level

Automated group reconciliation

ETR Web provides extensive support for your tax reporting in accordance with the Accounting Standards. With interfaces to ERP systems, flexible calculation schemes for income tax positions and tax note disclosures, integrated process support and a sophisticated dashboard, you will be optimally equipped for the reporting season.
Hartwig Hoffmann
Partner, International Tax & Leader Tax Transformation and Technology | Switzerland


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