EY Tax Questionnaire Management – Efficient collection and organization of tax data

EY Tax Questionnaire Management supports you in designing, collecting, and evaluating individually created questionnaires tailored to your needs

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Product description

The tax division of a company must coordinate with many departments in the company, ask questions, document information, and organize information. This can be done in a time consuming and inconvenient way - or digitally and transparently with EY Tax Questionnaire Management.

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    Use EY's collaboration platform to create smart questionnaires and avoid time-consuming back-and-forth Excel lists

    EY Tax Questionnaire Management (TQM Web) is a collaboration platform that encourages efficient collaboration within tax departments, but especially between tax, accounting and other departments such as HR. The platform allows you to assign requests on tax topics for different companies to different employees. The single sign-on process gives you and your teams easy and secure access to the platform within a short period of time.

    EY Tax Questionnaire Management (TQM Web) allows you to easily capture large volumes of required information or statements. Whether it is compliance confirmations from local management, tax return status queries, or tax audit status, these surveys can be completed by you and your teams within minutes. The dashboards, as well as configurable automatic email reminders, keep you on schedule. This way, you are always informed about the processing status in real time.

    Dynamic creation, sending and evaluation of configurable questionnaires that enables your teams to work efficiently together

    With the EY Tax Questionnaire Management (TQM Web) collaboration platform, users can design all types of surveys, specify answer types such as text, currency, tables, etc., and link questions to each other. This way, it is possible to reduce even complex questionnaires to the relevant and essential level.

    The collaboration platform provides you with a central overview and evaluation of your data

    The EY Tax Questionnaire Management (TQM Web) offers you the possibility to query structured and qualitative data in companies. The analysis is then carried out across the group using common tools, such as Excel reports, Power BI, etc. At the end of your survey, you can download and analyze this data. EY Tax Questionnaire Management (TQM Web) thus ensures transparency of the globally queried information without any additional manual effort. The analyses can then be used as the basis for your company's evaluations and decisions. You can also transfer the data to your own evaluation systems at any time for further visualization and analysis.

    Simple operation and no additional programming effort

    The EY Tax Questionnaire Management (TQM Web) collaboration form can be used in your company without any additional programming effort. You do not need any professional or technical support from the provider. Assignment to internal teams or external stakeholders is done conveniently via your own authorization concept.

Summary of your advantages

EY Tax Questionnaire Management

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Questionnaire template for a tax compliance questionnaire

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Scheduled online response

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Central overview and evaluation

Just a small step but with a huge impact' or 'flexible, simple, fast, and convenient' - this is how users' feedback on EY TQM Web can be summarized.
Hartwig Hoffmann
Partner, International Tax & Leader Tax Transformation and Technology | Switzerland


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