Photographic portrait of Thomas Pyschny
Innovation is the universal fuel that drives long-term sustainable value for a better working world.

Thomas Pyschny

EY Global Product Lifecycle Management/Innovation Excellence Leader Partner, Client Service Partner | EY Switzerland

Thomas is a former professional esports athlete supporting organizations to step up their innovation game.

Areas of focus Innovation
Office Zurich, CH

Thomas has joined EY in 2019 and took the role of the global EY capability lead in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). He works as a Client Service Partner EMEIA for one of the EY G360 accounts. Before joining EY Thomas lead a specialized PLM consultancy (DPP), which was subsequently acquired by EY.

How Thomas is building a better working world

Thomas has been fostering the collaboration of different sectors to learn from each other in the way they focus their products on consumer benefits. He has enabled clients to put the consumer benefits at the core of their operations and allowed them to connect their daily tasks with how they drive more value for them.

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