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Most businesses are likely to experience operational challenges and underperformance at some point. While the root causes can be buried below the surface, the negative impact can be highly visible — profit warnings, declining performance metrics, failure to achieve project milestones, loss of customer contracts or management departures.

Whether a business is in crisis or simply faced with a challenge, we help management teams identify the issues, stabilize the business and provide tangible results quickly.

We dive into the issues across operations, market, capital and the full range of stakeholders, and deploy financial and operational professionals to improve cash flow, enhance shareholder value and provide a sustainable growth platform.

We can help you identify and capitalize on value creation opportunities in all areas of your business through quick scan diagnostics and leading practices, including:

  • Business operating model redesign
  • Identification of synergies
  • Footprint optimization
  • Organizational and financial restructuring
  • Data analytics
  • Rapid cash release and enterprise cost reduction
  • Sales force alignment
  • Centralization of key functions or processes

Operational diagnostics, including:

  • Selling, general and administrative (SG&A) cost reduction
  • Liquidity and working capital optimization
  • Supply chain and sourcing effectiveness
  • IT effectiveness
  • Tax efficiency

Support of breakthrough improvements: we work with your teams to make your operational strategies a reality and provide lasting value.

Our team brings you:

  • A practical, hands-on approach
  • Insightful operational and sector experience
  • Analytical tools to help establish fast facts about performance
  • Financial background, bringing rigor to decision-making
  • Deep experience of working quickly in an uncertain environment
  • Client-tailored services

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