Photographic portrait of  Nicolle Sullivan

Nicolle Sullivan

EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ Asia-Pacific Class of 2021

Founder and CEO, CULTIVER, Australia

Nicolle Sullivan is the Founder and CEO of CULTIVER, a modern lifestyle brand that addresses the way thoughtful consumers buy for their home and selves today.

With products designed to give comfort, CULTIVER is an omni-channel retailer as well as a brand. Selling directly to consumers from Australian and US websites, the brand also has its own boutiques, stockists and sells to trade.

The idea of distilling the key elements of a premium brand experience and delivering it in a new way — brand creation — and her passion for e-commerce inspired Nicolle to start CULTIVER, after a decade in financial markets.

After starting her career in marketing, Nicolle spent 10 years overseas in the banking sector before returning to Sydney to have her first child. While taking a break she started thinking about making a new career out of her passion for brand-building and online retail. CULTIVER was launched in September 2012.

Growing up and throughout her early career, Nicolle saw that a strong work ethic could change a person’s course in life. To this day, she believes that this plays a great role in her entrepreneurial success.

Nicolle holds a Masters in Applied Finance from Macquarie University and a Bachelor of Business from the University of Technology, Sydney. Prior to launching her business, Nicolle worked as an executive director in Goldman Sachs and in Institutional Sales in Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Royal Bank of Scotland.

Starting CULTIVER, I had to learn everything about how to make an online brand successful, and I have never stopped learning. We are constantly evolving — not only in what we offer, but how we do it. Our aim is to offer our customers around the world a best-in-class online experience. From what we offer to how we meet our market, we obsess over how to make it better.
Nicolle Sullivan