Steven Beattie
For successful financial crime intervention - and to remain competitive - companies are finding the need to innovate with unprecedented speed. Evolve rapidly, or the repercussions can be severe.

Steven Beattie

EY Global Financial Crime Operations and Consulting Leader

Industry leader in financial crime solutions and interventions. Entrepreneurial and innovative solution maker. Father, volunteer and airplane pilot.

Steve brings extensive and diverse experience in supporting global financial services firms as they deal with risk, control and regulatory challenges. As an original architect of our Anti-Money Laundering and Sanctions Consulting services, he is also the EY Global Financial Crime Operations Leader, focusing on providing innovative, technology-enabled teams and services across the domain of financial crimes operational needs.

Previously he led the development of offshore service strategies. In his work he brings high-quality, low-cost services developed with a deep understanding of regulatory requirements and future expectations.

Steve has a bachelor’s degree in Economics, Management Information and Decision Support Systems from the University of Delaware and attended the Kellogg School of Management.

How Steven is building a better working world

“Having a fully effective anti-money laundering program is not only a regulatory requirement, but also a moral imperative as we look to intervene on the activities of criminals, terrorist financiers, drug traffickers and other bad actors.

I’ve always worked to not only bring the most informed point of view to my clients on these critical topics, but to also embrace an entrepreneurial approach – to bring new ways of solving complex issues, innovation in solutions, and strategic thinking to anticipate the next industry challenge. Financial crime remains a topic that requires leading thinking, and while my perspectives help our clients, they also are critical to identify and protect against criminal activities.”

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