Photographic portrait of Long Viet Nguyen

Long Viet Nguyen

Partner, Consulting, Enrst & Young Vietnam Limited

Dedicated and knowledgeable consultant for both public and private sectors. Trusted source of insightful information to support the decision-making process of clients.

Long is a Consulting Partner at Ernst & Young Vietnam Limited (EY Vietnam), based at the Hanoi Office.

Long has provided professional consulting services to multiple government authorities in Vietnam regarding economic policy and state-owned enterprises vis-à-vis model transformation, internal policies and operation procedures.

He is also well-versed in financial models and administrative procedures in infrastructure investment, which are among the kernels of his consulting services.

His clients include ministries and large state-owned and private enterprises across the economic spectrum, from transportation, construction and electricity to telecommunications and banking.

Before joining EY Vietnam, Long was a key official at a Vietnamese government authority focusing on information and communications technology (ICT) in charge of  foreign direct investment into the sector.

How Long is building a better working world

Long drives large-scale transformation, concentrating on economics, policy, finance and performance improvement services.

He is continuously evolving EY to better meet the needs of its multi-hued clientele including investors and regulators, with a focus on providing relevance and quality to build a better working world based on trust and confidence.

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