Navigating the Transformation Imperative

Solve the Now. Explore the Next. Imagine the Beyond.

Innovation Realized is a window into a superfluid future – a boundary-blurring summit which disrupts business-as-usual thinking.

The winners in this superlfuid future will be those who navigate an increasingly complex environment and globally driven future to build trust, drive growth and unlock the human potential of hyperconnected enterprises.

Now determined by humans@center, technology@speed and innovation@scale, the new paradigm of long-term value creation requires you to create strategies for future scenarios while protecting present value. 

Discover more about Innovation Realized through insights and highlights which solve what matters now, explore what’s next, and imagine how we go beyond.

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    Innovation Realized highlights

    Discover highlights, interviews and discussions from the 2019 summit in Boston.

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    About the summit

    The annual EY Innovation Realized Summit, created in collaboration with C2, founded by Cirque du Soleil and Sid Lee, offers the unique, spectacular and multi-sensory environment to imagine what’s after what’s next.

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    Emerging trends and technologies from Innovation Realized 2019

    Think about how we live now. Our lives are shaped by the everyday miracles of disruptive innovation, from ridesharing apps to streaming music.

    Think about what’s next. Businesses spend ever more of their time trying to plumb and prepare for the disruptions ahead: big data, analytics, algorithms, smart devices, to name a few.

    But what’s after what’s next? Futurists and experts at Innovation Realized 2019 offered some tantalizing insights into disruptive trends that could reinvent industries, transform companies and reshape consumer experiences in the long run. Here are just a few examples of how the confluence of technology, demographics and globalization will shape the beyond.

    Explore emerging trends and technologies in the gallery below:

    Girl virtual reality goggles kitchen

    When battery technology advances to the point where virtual reality (VR) devices are free from wires, we’ll begin to see VR used enhance retail experiences, health services, real estate marketing, and even family time.