The Metaverse and Web3.0 have been a disruptive force like the internet when it first came to life. How will you seize real opportunities in tomorrow’s virtual world?

EY Talent Tree

Visit our EY Talent Tree in the Metaverse platform Decentraland and explore new ways of leveraging the Metaverse for all kind of recruitment activities!

The EY Talent Tree is actively being used by EY for engaging in new digital talents. 

To enter the EY Talent Tree or participate in events, an Ethereum wallet is required e.g., Metamask.

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What can EY do for you:

Exploring the emerging world of Web3.0 and virtual worlds requires diverse set of expertise by institutions. With EY’s deep knowledge and track record of experiences on Metaverse, Blockchain and Web3.0 related initiatives and client engagements, EY can help your organization to ascent a complex learning curve, whilst leveraging the exponential growth of virtual worlds to create lasting value, captivating content and innovative experiences, delivered in a simple and coherent fashion and enabled by our globally connected structure.

Our EY approach leverages all our internal expertise and addresses the Metaverse/ Web3.0 space from various angles by putting our clients in focus and leveraging different perspectives!

EY-Parthenon: Setting strategic directions

Consulting: Developing and launching virtual and/or hybrid initiatives

Legal & Tax: Virtual worlds are not exempt from regulation and tax

Assurance: Bringing trust in the uncertain emerging virtual worlds

The metaverse combines cutting-edge technology and interaction models between private and commercial participants, which in turn enables a fully functioning economy within a virtual space”

Maximillian Schmidt

Manager Digital Strategy & Emerging Technologies | Switzerland

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