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The blockchain analyzer is a suite of blockchain based applications. The Explorer and Visualizer is a web-based solution in the blockchain analyzer suite for exploring and visualizing on-chain data for the entire history of a blockchain.

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Product description

The EY Blockchain Explorer and Visualizer is a tool that allows you to explore complex on-chain data in a format that is easy to navigate and interpret.

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    It allows analysts, internal audit teams and forensics accountants to search for specific transactions, addresses and blocks to gather relevant information used to help mitigate potential risks of inaccurate data and inefficient processes.

    It uses easily interpretable visuals that enable you to identify and highlight trends and patterns within the transaction data set. Starting from a single transaction, users can expand inputs and outputs to identify related transactions and addresses, and access the underlying transaction details.

    Finally, you can view the transaction data in JSON format and export an image of your visualization directly from the product. These visualizations and the data can be used to perform other analyses or used for documentation for risk and compliance purposes.

    The Blockchain Analyzer suite of products is supported by a team of specialists from various disciplines (for e.g., technology, tax, legal, forensics and assurance) who are able to address your specific business needs relating to blockchain technology. 

A look inside the automation solution for business process analysis

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Query on chain data

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Identify trends and patterns within the transaction data

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Export the visualization as well as view the transactions data in JSON format

Blockchain Analyzer is really a big part of our mission to get enterprises comfortable with blockchain technology.
Darko Stefanoski
Digital Law Leader Financial Services | Switzerland

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