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Knowing your cyber posture is the foundational step towards positioning your cybersecurity program as an enabler to business.

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Product description

The Cybersecurity Program Assessment is how organizations can determine if their cyber posture is set up to meet evolving cyberthreats and inform future investments.

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    As organizations continue to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing economic, threat, regulatory and technology landscapes, they are likely to be faced with one or a combination of the following scenarios:

    • Organizational changes
    • Critical events / incidents
    • Emerging technology
    • Peer benchmarking
    • Regulatory pressure
    • Mergers & acquisitions (M&A)
    • New cybersecurity leader
    • Reporting requirements
    • Cybersecurity resiliency review

    These scenarios, along with regulatory challenges, business goals and overall threat landscape relevant to your organization, act as key inputs to our business-driven approach for the EY Cybersecurity Program Assessment. We leverage EY Cyber Program Accelerator (CPA) that enables us to configure findings and observations to be in alignment with industry standards and frameworks, including EY developed CPA framework.

A look inside the cybersecurity program assessment solution

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      Executive summary with maturity rating overview                                                          

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Benchmark table of maturity ratings over several years and industry average

EY Easy Process Assessment Screenshot 2

Spider graph with current maturity, target maturity and benchmark maturity for the assessed domains

EY’s Cyber Program Acceleration toolkit and platform is a great tool-based instrument to perform our Cybersecurity Program Assessments globally consistently, holistically, comprehensively, and very effectively and efficiently. With the global tool-based approach and methodology we can provide very insightful benchmarking data to our clients so that they even better understand their cybersecurity posture not only compared to the most relevant industry standards and frameworks but also in comparison to other companies in the same sector or across sectors.
Tom Schmidt
Partner, Financial Services Cybersecurity Competency Leader | EMEIA, Cybersecurity Leader, Financial Services | EY Switzerland

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