Photographic portrait of Rudolf Pfaff

Rudolf Pfaff

Partner, CFO, Head of Controlling | EY Switzerland

Strategic Partner for Top Management leading the financial agenda, advising on sustainable, profitable solutions. Motivates and gives people freedom to take ownership with corresponding accountability

Rudolf is highly experienced in all finance areas: Finance Strategy, Controlling, Planning & Budgeting and Reporting. He also has a lot of expertise in Business transformation and restructuring programs.

During the 18 years of his career at EY he has delivered significant projects and transformation programs within different financial areas. In 2015 he took on the role of regional finance lead in the Nordic countries where he established a strong and efficient finance organization.

After his return to Switzerland in 2017 he took on a leading position in the operational improvement program delivering substantial positive financial results. Since last year Rudolf has led the controlling organization for Germany, Switzerland and Austria in addition to his position as finance director. Within this new role, he will continue to secure the most optimal cost management and contribute to the financial strategy agenda as well as take a leading role in the value creation programs.

How Rudolf is building a better working world

“As a country CFO, I support our country managing partners in their pursuit of driving a profitable and sustainable business. Through shaping and contributing to the value creation programs in our business together with our leaders across service lines and functions, we ensure that long-term sustainable solutions are designed and implemented.

Together with the Finance leadership of Germany, Switzerland and Austria we shape our finance organisation to serve internal clients better and to provide the highest quality of services.

Ultimately, we jointly ensure that Finance plays a more collaborative role as a strategic partner in bringing value to our business.”

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