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EY wavespace Basel is a working environment that combines the most relevant know-how with a solution-oriented approach and innovative collaboration and design-thinking methodologies to gain new perspectives on drivers that accelerate transformation in your business.

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About this location

EY wavespace1 satellite Basel is the first wavespace in Switzerland and can serve not only EY client needs in Basel but also across the entire country, thanks to its mobile capability.

The combination of a solution-focused approach with the most relevant know-how and innovative collaboration techniques makes wavespace Basel a working environment to help you gain new perspectives on drivers that accelerate the transformation in your business.

wavespace is about people and business outcomes. Every wavespace session is facilitated by experienced leaders with design thinking knowledge. This is combined with a technology suite of tools, local and global subject-matter professionals and our EY wavespace network to create a collaborative experience customized to your challenge. 

Human-centered design and collaboration are at the heart of our methodologies because we believe that people support what they help create. We work with agility and beyond borders. 

We think, design and build with creativity and speed. Our immersive approach gives teams the mindset and tools to think differently and solve problems at speed. 

With your contributions, you have shown us interesting perspective that have been a valuable inspiration for our Finance Roadmap. The great preparation of the workshop and pleasant atmosphere on your new premises certainly contributed to the overall positive result. The interactive work and the use of digital media in wavespace were outstanding and fun!
CFO, EY Client

You can expect an entirely new, engaging and accelerated way of addressing and solving key business challenges. We help you to design for your people, customers and stakeholders so you can understand how to adopt technology with speed and drive innovation at scale.

In addition, wavespace Basel is among the few locations that also help you bring your ideas to the next level and work on your incubation project within an innovative start-up environment. wavespace acts as a business model accelerator and as a convener of strategic alliances and partnerships that can assist you in creating new products and services that drive growth.

Whether your goal is to grow, transform or disrupt, the EY wavespace GSA team has the technology and experience to get your business where it needs to be – in a physical, virtual or even a blended session.

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