AI Labs

AI Labs helps businesses tap into the unlimited potential of today’s AI revolution. Our ecosystem of bright minds in technology, science and business work with you to rapidly explore the practical applications of new technology and reimagine the way you do business.

What EY's AI Labs can do for you

At EY’s AI Labs we bring together a team of 75+ technology and business experts to help you tap into the unlimited potential of today’s AI revolution and reimagine the way you do business.

Working with you we start with understanding your business challenges and through a structured process explore how tools such as big data, AI, robotics, smart automation, VR/AR and advanced analytics can meet those challenges and innovate your business.

It doesn’t stop there, not only can we help you form an AI strategy, we can also work with you to develop end to end solutions using the latest technologies and a wide set of technical and business skills.  

And finally, we can support you with embedding and integrating those solutions into your business to bring about the desired business outcomes and real change.

AI Labs
AI Labs
What can AI Lab do for your business

Areas where AI Labs can help


EY’s AI Labs can help our clients develop a sustainability strategy or achieve their sustainability goals by harnessing the power of data and AI to increase their ability to comply with regulations, reduce costs and create a better working world.

Customer growth

Artificial intelligence is already revolutionizing the way business gets done, particularly impacting the customer journey. AI has the power to impact all the tasks and processes on the end-to-end customer journey. EY can help you adopt the right technology to develop stronger relationships with customers to support organisational growth.


It is estimated that 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years.  Much of this is machine data being created by smart devices across your supply chain and operations in near real time.  Realising the full benefits of Industry 4.0 requires the use of this data to create and embed insights to improve operational decisions. Delivering this at scale requires a new and industrialised approach to Data Analytics. AI Labs can help you harness the power of your data. 

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