Belonging at EY

A strong sense of belonging can lead to better collaboration, retention and business performance.

We are proud to announce that EY Ireland is the overall winner of the Award for Diversity & Inclusion at the 2020 CIPD Ireland HR Awards. This award is in recognition of our fantastic partnership with the TCD programme for people with intellectual disabilities’.


CIPD Ireland HR Awards 2020

In our day-to-day work, we know leveraging different perspectives fuels innovation, encourages collaboration and strengthens relationships. Our vision is to create and foster an inclusive culture, where our people can leverage unique perspectives, experiences and skills to innovate and build a better working world.

Our D&I strategy

We will engage everyone in building an inclusive culture for all. 
We will have relentless focus from recruitment to retirement on providing an exceptional employee experience for everyone. 
We will maintain a strong and thought-provoking narrative and brand positioning, within EY and in the market. 

EY Pride June 2019

EY D&I Networks

EY Networks are groups of people from all services and at all levels, who come together to form a ‘network’ based around a shared set of interests, experiences and perspectives.

ey ireland d&I network
International Network

With more than 50 nationalities represented in EY Ireland, the EY International Network was formed to create an environment where our people feel welcome, included, empowered and valued.

Family Network

The purpose of the family network is to provide support to employees at all stages of their lives. Our aim is to build a network of peers who can share their experiences of juggling all aspects of family life with their day to day working life.

Women’s Network

We contribute to Building a better working world by accelerating gender parity at EY and the business at large.

Mental Health Network

The Mental Health Network hopes to raise awareness and destigmatise mental ill health within EY. Our aim is to educate and create an environment where our people feel safe to talk openly about their mental health and feel they can obtain help when needed.

Ability Network

We have one purpose, to enable the firm to be more disability confident. We hope to achieve this confidence by building on three core pillars; support, educate and empowerment.

Unity Network

The vision of the network is to promote an inclusive working world by engaging and empowering LGBT+ and allied individuals to be their best authentic selves.

Our Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) service offering is designed to deliver systemic change for organisations and accelerate the pace of change towards a culture of inclusion


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