Forensic Data Analytics

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Companies rely on the EY Forensic Data Analytics (FDA) team to obtain assistance in cases of fraud, government investigations, claims for breach of contract or disputes and process audits.

What EY can do for you

In medium-large companies, analyzing, understanding and governing business processes means being able to manage large amounts of data and obtain useful information for the purpose. To do this, it is necessary to use the right digital technologies and adequate skills. For this reason, the Forensic Data Analytics team is made of specialists, located in the Italian territory, between Milan, Rome and Bari, with specific technological skills on different programming and visualization technologies (Java, Node JS, SQL, SAS, Python, Tableau, PowerBI, etc.), analysis and automation (link analysis, machine learning, natural language processing, robotic process automation, process mining) and with ability to analyze and understand data.

The team integrates the figures of the Data Engineer, able to prepare a data architecture that effectively enables the analysis activity, with that of the Data Scientist, capable of analyzing them and quickly drawing clear and relevant Business information. Through this integration of expertise, the FDA team has extensive experience in supporting companies to detect and investigate cases of data breach, fraud, misuse and abuse.

  • EY's FDA team offers support to investigate cases of non-compliance, fraud and malpractices and to assist with litigation by offering companies the evidences they need to make legal and compliance decisions, to focus investigative efforts where it matters most to improve the final results and preserve the company's ethics and image.
  • The EY FDA team also intervenes in the preventive phase, using data analysis to help companies identify gaps in their internal controls and increase transparency and identification of business risks, creating real control systems. By reducing the likelihood of losses, EY's clients can reduce the cost of compliance.
  • The Forensic Data Analytics team, thanks to the internal Digital Factory, creates and offers digital solutions at the Forensic Data Center or using the EMEIA cloud architecture, even in managed services mode.

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